HR Management: How to Tackle different types of Employee personalities

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People are the backbone of any organization, be it a service-oriented one or large manufacturing set up. Also, for a leader of the organization, the most important and key differentiating skill is that of identifying the right set of people and grooming them for the long term. Further, in a culturally diverse country like India, it is inevitable that the workforce of an organization is also diverse, which brings along the challenge to the management and HR to manage different types of employee personalities.

Given this background, the HR function needs to be equipped with the right HR management solution that integrates various aspects of employee management like recruiting, remuneration, performance tracking, training, etc.

Diversity management is the key to manage the different types of employee personalities in the company. It is a process that helps in creating and maintaining a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of employees are given importance. Mentioned are some of the different employee personalities that can exist in a work environment, identifying which will help companies to manage employees.

The Perfectionists: These employees are perfect to the core and they may not settle for anything other than 100%. This is because they are masters of the subjects they deal in. It is in the benefit of the company to understand their perspective, support them, and believe in them when they come up with any suggestions.

Efficient Workers: These are the most reliable and because of them, your company works as it is desired to be.  People work hard to prove themselves and grow but it’s not advisable to take undue advantage of this trait and overload them with more work as it won’t help manage employees. This will be accepted for some period, beyond which the employee may rebel, and also it can affect is productivity. Alternatively, they can be rewarded by giving them a good bonus, taking them offsite, etc.

The Specialists: This workgroup is masters of the subject because of their love for it and can go to any limit to fulfill the task given to them. The company should make an effort to know what they like doing and delegate such work to them. This will be beneficial for the company in the long run. If they are assigned opportunities they dislike, this may result in mood swings, fights with the employer and ultimately quitting the job.

To ensure a 100% efficient work atmosphere, after segregating the types of personalities, it is necessary to map these in the IT context. These may include important strategies adopted by the company; recurrent barriers faced in the company and chalking out ways in improving awareness about workplace diversity.

With these, what is also required is an efficient HR Management software that understands your needs and helps you in better HR Processes. Pocket HRMS is India’s first Complete Cloud based HR Software with a Self – Service Portal for employees which can be easily downloaded from Play Stores.


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