How to Organise ‘Secret Santa’ Efficiently at the Premise?

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The wait is finally over. Its Jesus’ birthday! Come, let’s gather all our enthusiasm and creativity to have a break from our daily office routine. Let your inner Santa come out and make this day a memorable one.


So what’s the plan for this year? Same as last year? Or want to groom the day with some more fun? Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals at workplaces. And, a lot of unique themes could be seen on this day. Playing ‘Secret Santa’ is one of them!


Secret Santa involves exchanging gifts keeping Santa’s name a secret. The recipient i.e. a given employee only gets a hint about the sender and all remains is the guessing game. Isn’t it just the best? So how to play ‘Secret Santa’ successfully with maximum fun around?


Here are points you must go through once-


  • State guidelines

Activities without guidelines can trench all your efforts put behind conducting it into the sink. It requires proper management in order to go smooth. Guidelines could be the list of banned items to prevent same items being exchanged every year, showpieces that are too common, or anything similar. Budget for these gifts can also be decided to avoid too expensive gifts.



  • Ensure that people participate willingly

This is the most important part. Before initiating any activity which involves expense, time, and involvement you must ensure that people are participating on their own will and forcefully. This will bring maximum joy to the day. You can try to solve issues and queries of people who are not willing to involve.



  • Collect gifts beforehand

On the day of celebration, after everyone has brought their gifts for their lucky recipients, you must collect all of them from every person aka Santas. This will eliminate any type of confusion amid celebration and also ensure that everyone is getting their gifts. This must be performed well in advance.

Now you have also got a list of people who are not getting any gift because of a few people, who didn’t participate. So you can arrange gifts for them too from your side. Just for a smile!



  • Distribution with the help of housekeeping

Now you have done with all the pre-activity processes of ‘Secret Santa’. That means you have all the gifts with you for your employees, some with clues and some without. Now all you need to do is distribute them to the decided receiver. Just be cautious about who is distributing the gifts. Because distribution by employees themselves may create confusion and recipients may come to know Santa’s name. Hence to ensure no commotion, housekeeping would be the best hand.


Also, you can appoint a Santa among the employees themselves and hand over the gifts to them. This can be even funnier!



I hope this helps you spend your day well. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Year ahead!


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