How to be your Boss’s Apple of Eye?

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Do you know what is it that an employee needs to stand out? It’s not about staying late at work nor it is about the skillsets and neither it is about a person’s ability to deal with clients.


So what it takes to be the favourite employee of your boss? Most of the business leaders tend to have a unison here, as they regard ‘personality’ as the key factor to be your boss’s apple of eye.


Here, personality does not have anything to do whether the employee is extrovert or an introvert. In fact, it is all about the abilities of a person to showcase his/her emotional intelligence and level-headedness at work.


Here’s what it takes to be the favourite of your boss:

1. You are Proactive: This means that you aren’t that person who waits for orders to set himself rolling. You take actions. Simply put, you are a proactive person, who is keen to take up risks and new opportunities. Remember, it’s always a wise thing to contribute instead of waiting for instructions.


2. You don’t Fuel Grapevine: Irrespective of what you think about your colleagues or boss, you limit your opinions to yourself. In case you tend to have problems with someone at your workplace (this includes your boss as well), you’d prefer to convey the same to him/her directly. You don’t end up gossiping.


3. You never Procrastinate: You ensure to send that e-mail that you have committed to. Also, you follow-up with your clients and co-workers as committed. You are not a person, who procrastinate things. You ensure to meet all the deadlines and simply say no to a project if you lack time for the same.


4. You never miss appreciating a job well done: When anyone in your team does a job well, you appreciate that person without delaying. You are vocal when it comes to supporting your colleagues and subordinates. This is the reason why your people love to work with you, since they feel inspired when around you. This helps to shove away office blues as well. Simply put, you are a co-operative guy to work with and not competitive.


5. You are not a Faultfinder always: Rather than brainstorming or criticising, you tend to offer solid alternatives. You never force your opinions on others, but provide them with well-thought ideas. You are dedicated to overall success of your company.


Being an exceptional employee is not an innate thing that everyone inherits by birth, in fact it’s something that one learns and grows with in time. Last but not the least, it is never too late to stand out.


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