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Looking for work experience letter format to certify your employee? You have come to the right page. This blog will explain the basics, importance and steps involved in framing a work experience letter for your employees and interns.



What is work experience letter/ certificate?

When an employee searches for a new job after gaining skills and experience from their first company, they require a certain set of documents to support their expertise. These documents make him/ her suitable or easily pickable by their new employer.


One of those documents is work experience letter. A work experience certificate could really help build repo of any candidate pursuing job. This formal certificate speaks their previous employment and experience. This can be equally important as that of a CV.


Hence, a well-written and healthy certificate could help ease winning your new job.



How to frame a work experience certificate?

Here are important steps involved in framing a work experience letter:

  • Date of certification
  • Salutation
  • Employee details
  • Company name
  • Employment details
  • Description of work experience/ review
  • Advice to the employee for future endeavors
  • Signature


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Below is the experience letter sample-


Date: –


To whomsoever it may concern


This is to certify that [Employee name] was employed as a [Employment details] at [Company name]. We certify that he/ she has worked with the company from [Joining date] to [Leaving date].


He/ she had started working with the company as an executive and showcased their sincere and intuitive efforts towards achieving company goals. It was their excellent performance due to which he/ she got selected for permanent employment.


Their contribution to the organization and its success will always be appreciated. We at [Company name] wish you all the best for your future endeavors.




Manager name                               Chairman                                               HR Manager

Signature                                  Signature                                      Signature



[Company details like name, website link, etc.]



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