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Most of the human resources professionals and leaders only perceive HR technology from one angle, i.e., what’s in it for us? Here, they tend to neglect the importance of individual employee contribution level and their expectations from the technology to be rolled-out.


Though we put in our best when it comes to selecting the best HR trends and technology, the entire focus often goes into how it is going to work for us and fail to think from the employee’s perspective, since it would be your employees, who would be using the technology day-in-day-out, isn’t it?


Now, when talking about HR technology, employee experience plays a key role in the success and adoption. Yes, employees do tend to get reluctant and may have some specific expectations to make the technology work.


1. They can use and access the technology 24 x 7 from anywhere and place. Seems good, but this also means 24 x 7 access via their smartphones or tablets when on the run. Mobile payroll app has made this dream come true for a number of human resource professionals. Connecting with your employees and executing key payroll processes on the go is no more an impossible feat.


2. They can receive and update their login credentials easily and in a jiffy. This core aspect is often given a blind eye by several tech vendors out there. Note that HR works in and around technology on a daily basis. Thus, equipping them with such liberty would assist them in using the technology in a more efficient manner.


3. Effortlessness and limited clicks. For instance, if it requires a dozen of clicks to find something, you are sure to irk your employees.


4. Help, support and search are quintessential. The technology or solution ought to have a search feature, where your employees (users) can find whatever they are searching. Unfortunately, many HR technologies do not have a search functionality.


5. Will it make lives harder for us? Will it consume more time than before? Will the new cloud payroll software increase productivity? These questions are sure to haunt HR personnel when introduced to some new technology.


Yes, employees do expect things when it comes to technology and your human resource people are no exception. Thus, it is the responsibility of business leaders and managers to understand and address these expectations and inhibitions, if any. Regular training and Q&A sessions should help greatly before rolling-out the technology to your people.



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