Dr. Surabhi Siddhartha shares HeR story | Women’s Week 2021

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The Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown majorly impacted everyone’s life. While some people spent their days binge-watching movies or trying new recipes, women who managed both home and office have been the real frontline warriors.

We recently had a chance to talk to Dr. Surabhi Siddhartha (MBBS/DGO, Gynaecologist) about her heroic 2020 journey. Despite the pandemic hit, her incredible efforts and fearless involvement in the treating the patients have helped thousands of people.

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As an accredited doctor, her day would start at 7am attending pregnant women, scheduling their routine check-ups and carrying out deliveries in hospitals, tracking their children’s weight and immunity, even advising couples about social distancing.

The major concern Dr. Surabhi had was maintaining a balance between work and personal life along with ensuring her family’s safety. “I stay with my husband, two young kids and in-laws. I used to panic about their health given my constant exposure to the outside world. Additionally, with physical classrooms transitioned into digital sessions, it was difficult to manage my kids’ routine initially,” she said.

Dr. Surabhi strongly believes in the concept of work-life-balance. She says, “it is imperative that one should take care of their physical and mental well-being, no matter how busy your day looks.” Clinging onto this fact, she started her day with 30minute yoga that helped her calm mind and give the much-needed strength and boost to her mind and body. She was able to focus better. “I ensured my kids were also awake in the early morning and did some physical activity. We used to eat together and this helped all of us get happily charged for the rest of the day. Kids felt content with my company in the wee hours of the day and they were not cranky anymore to stay indoors,” she said smilingly.

“Initially, when the news of the virus started taking rounds of the internet with lockdown being anticipated, everything seemed dreadful. I had both young and elder people in my house who were more susceptible to the spread. My anxiety levels were all time high and being a doctor, it was important for me to stay calm myself. I am so much grateful to my family who have supported me face my internal fears and challenges and helped me deal with those in my own ways without being judgemental,” she said proudly.

We usually tend to alienate the idea of a woman being a strong, solid and independent being. We generally confuse their patience and modesty with dependency and weakness. However, after talking to Dr. Surabhi, we were overwhelmed with emotions to being able to sit with a woman on the frontline with links to her community, checking, monitoring, fighting a worldwide enemy at personal risk.

We salute such women who lead by example, are contributing to the society in every way possible, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and paving path of inspiration for more women to make a difference.

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