Committees that as an HR you should form in your organization

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Committees are formed when a group of people come together to achieve or work towards a common goal. They have a set of rules and regulations and a format by which they aim to reach their goal. While in an organization, we do not see the management making a committee other than POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), here are a few other committees that as an HR you should form in your organization:

  • POSH:   It is given that every company needs to have a special cell that addresses the problem of sexual harassment at workplace. Since the nature of the committee is serious, the HR and management need to consider carefully the members, policies, decision mechanism and more than that, how to make approaching the committee easy and anonymously if required. Ideally, the committee should consist of the HR representing the management and employees, senior most employees, one from different departments so that everyone has a representation. The ratio between male and female members should be equal. Once the plans, policies and consequences are decided, the committee should see to it that everyone is informed. Taking group wise workshop to sensitize the employees about sexual harassment is a good idea. Often people are unaware that what seems normal to them like a loose comment or stare also falls in the purview of sexual harassment and should stop immediately. What also needs stressing is that even a male employee can complaint against his female co-worker.
  • MANAGEMENT Team: Management team usually comprises of the Management, HR and the Team Lead from every department. This ensures that all the teams have representation. The purpose of this team is to take decisions over changes in policies or general employment environment. Maintaining communication is important in any organization to grow and retain employees and hence, by making this committee and adhering to the rules, it shows the commitment of management towards the employees. This committee is important to avoid any later stage altercations when policy changes happen and allows the employees to understand the company’s viewpoint.
  • SAFETY and HYGIENE: While Safety and Hygiene is an integral part and strictly adhered to in most companies. This committee comprising of HR, Admin and few employees ensure that not only important safety measures are taken, but the smaller ones too are not overlooked. E.g. having ergonomic chairs and desks so that employees do not suffer from back pain. Introducing and conducting regular yoga sessions to relieve stress. Conducting workshops for employees sensitizing them in how to maintain cleanliness at desk, washrooms, etc. These small factors contribute in a large way making workplace safe, healthy and hygienic. Eureka! It also helps to boost the overall productivity.
  • FUN: We all have seen ‘THE OFFICE’, the famous TV series and wished we too had a Party Committee that plans our own personalized surprise birthdays? While the idea seems hilarious, it does light up the office environment and makes employees feel at home. You might argue that when you already have HR personnel, why you need a separate fun committee. The answer is simple – The HR organizes events on a large scale for the company, but you need to add a personal touch to it and also celebrate small moments with parties, surprises and treats. The fun committee members are the ones that everyone in the office can connect with easily and they can bring creativity along with actual fun to at your workplace.
  • CSR: CSR has been a hot topic for ages now, but it is not the sole responsibility of big MNC companies to undertake a CSR initiative. The whole concept of CSR arises from giving back to the society and that responsibility is not of MNCs alone. The committee formed with wiling participants and HR should identify a cause that they will support and for how long. The causes can be as simple as greening office locality, sponsoring education, adopting pets and eventually scaling up to support larger causes like cutting down carbon footprint of the company.
  • CUSTOMER:   Not every company has a customer service team and even if they have one, the primary function of the team is to solve customer queries. However, since customers are always at the centre of revenue and sales, they must be kept at the centre of all processes. The Customer Relations Committee comprising of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Rep should design communication and products keeping the consumers in mind. They should attempt to take regular surveys and feedbacks and implement the same in the company. Sending greetings on special occasions makes communication more personal and helps build a strong connection.
  • Leadership Team:   This is an important committee / team that every company should have. This team comprises of HR, Senior Management and potential TLs and PMs from each team. The aim of this committee is to groom its members to take up leadership positions in the company and help the company grow. This forms a very good sustaining method. For instance, when a current TL leaves, he has a replacement ready who is not only knowledgeable workwise, but also can handle the team well. This reduces hiring from outside and promotes internal hiring, reducing costs and increasing the morale of employees. Management can award the employees of the committee with increase in salary or monetary benefits to ensure continued participation.

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