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Pocket HRMS Guide - Appraisal V2 Module Tutorial
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The Appraisal Module in Pocket HRMS helps in setting the eligibility criteria for the appraisal of the employees. The admin can set the following parameters:

  • Appraisal Configuration
  • Appraisal Process
  • Appraisal Stage Settings
  • Appraisal Parameters
  • Appraisal Questions and more.





1. Ensure that you have valid login credentials for the cloud before beginning the process.


2. After logging in, select the ‘Settings’ option from the left-side menu.


Appraisal Admin (1)


3. Select the tab ‘AppraisalV2’ and then, select the ‘Appraisal Configuration’ sub-tab from the left side of the screen.


Appraisal Admin (2)


4. Select the ‘+’ icon to add the new appraisal configuration. On clicking the ‘+’ icon, the following form will open:

Note: If the ‘Completed Month’ is under ‘12’, then it will not go for approval to the manager.


Appraisal Admin (3)


5. Let us move on to the ‘Appraisal Process’ sub-tab. On this page, the numbers represent the following:

  • 90: 1st Level Manager
  • 180: 2nd Level Manager
  • 360: 3rd Level Manager
  • 540: 4th Level Manager


Appraisal Admin (4)


6. The requests are sent to the respective managers as per your selection here.


7. Let us move on to the ‘Grading Matrix’ sub-tab. The Grading Matrix displays records of employees based on the grades given by the admin. On this page, the ‘Copy To All’ button allows you to apply the changes to all the business units.


Appraisal Admin (5)


8. We can also add the Grading Range by clicking on the ‘+’ icon and entering the required details, as shown below:


Appraisal Admin (6)


9. Moving on to the next step, we have the ‘Appraisal Stages’ sub-tab. Using this page, we can create multiple stages for the appraisal process by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.


Appraisal Admin (7)


10. We have created 2 stages named ‘Mid Year’ and ‘Annual’. As you can observe, the status of ‘Mid Year’ is active and ‘Annual’ is not active.


Appraisal Admin (8)


11. Please note that the ‘Active in All BU’s’ button will be visible only for the active stages.


12. Let us move to the next step, ‘Appraisal Stage Settings’. This page allows us to add fields for employees, managers and others.


Appraisal Admin (9)


13. To add the required fields, you need to choose the employee category, the appraisal stage name and then, click on the ‘Add’ button.

Note: The ‘Overwrite’ checkbox will overwrite all the newly created fields to all business units.


Appraisal Admin (10)


14. The fields added for the manager will not be visible to the employees and vice versa. After saving this data, you can view, edit or delete it afterwards.


15. The next sub-tab is ‘Appraisal Parameter’. Using this option, you can add parameters which will cause one’s appraisal. It has a field named ‘Marks’ using which, the employee’s performance will be assessed.


Appraisal Admin (11)


16. The next step is ‘Appraisal Questions’. The admin can add questions to be asked to employees for their appraisal here. To add a question, fill out the following form:


Appraisal Admin (12)


17. This page also shows a list of the questions that are already added.


Appraisal Admin (13)


18. The ‘Copy To All Stages’ button will copy that question to every stage available.


19. Moving on to the next step, we have ‘Appraisal Question Import’. This allows you to import the appraisal questions from a spreadsheet. We can drag and drop the spreadsheet with appraisal questions here and it will be reflected to the user.


Appraisal Admin (14)



1. Once the user logs in, select the ‘PMS V2’ menu to the left side of the Pocket HRMS dashboard.


2. You need to select the ‘Request’ option in the submenu that opens, as shown below:


Appraisal User (1)


3. You need to select the ‘My Appraisal’ tab on the next page, as shown below:


Appraisal User (2)


4. The appraisal module in Pocket HRMS allows employees to request their appraisal based on their performance.


5. The employees are provided with a rating range scale between 0 and 5.


6. Once the request is raised, it will be sent to the assigned manager for approval. The manager can either accept or reject the request.



1. Once the user logs in, there is a ‘PMS V2’ menu on the left side of the Pocket HRMS dashboard.


2. You need to select the ‘Request’ option in the submenu that opens, as shown below:


Appraisal Manager (1)


3. You need to select the ‘Employee Appraisal’ tab on the next page, as shown below:


Appraisal Manager (2)


4. The rating can be given by clicking on the ‘Rating’ button corresponding to the employee. The manager can rate their employees ranging between 0 and 5 based on their performance.


5. Once the manager provides the rating, it will be visible to the employee and the Employee Appraisal Process would be complete.



By following the steps provided above, the admin will be able to set the appraisal process, while the manager and employees would undertake the process successfully. Pocket HRMS makes it very easy to complete the employee appraisal process.


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