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Pocket HRMS Guide - Add Candidate in Hire Module
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Pocket HRMS has revamped the candidate addition flow structure, which is different from the old one. In this new flow, we have implemented the modules to help the recruiter undertake the recruitment process in a streamlined manner. For carrying out the recruitment process, we have placed the ‘Hire’ module in the menu list to conduct the candidate-related operations efficiently.


In this blog, we will understand how candidates are added during the recruitment process with step-by-step instructions and images for reference.



For adding candidates to the ESS Portal, the manager needs to navigate the following path:


Below, we have provided the navigation steps for your reference:


Steps for adding candidate:

1. Ensure that you have valid login credentials for the ESS Portal before beginning the process.
Note: Fields indicated with an asterisk should be mandatorily filled.


2. Once you log into the ESS portal, you will be greeted with the familiar ‘Dashboard’ page.


3. On the left side of the page, you will be able to view the main menu, which starts with the ‘Profile’ menu item.


4. Since we are going to add a candidate, you need to select the ‘Hire’ menu item.


5. You need to select the ‘Candidate’ option in the submenu that opens, as shown below:


Hire Candidate - Step 5


6. You need to select the ‘Candidates’ tab on the next page, as shown below:


Hire Candidate - Step 6


7. On this page, you will get the option to add a new candidate. You can add the candidate by clicking on the ‘+Add’ button provided at the top right area of the web page.


Hire Candidate - Step 7


8. On the next page, you will be presented with a form that is divided into four tabs. You can see the ‘Basic Detail’ tab, where you need to input all the candidate’s details.


Hire Candidate - Step 8


9. To avoid any discrepancy, kindly note that the ‘Source’ field indicates from which source that candidate has applied for the position.


Hire Candidate - Step 9


10. Once all the required basic details are entered, click on the ‘Proceed’ button to add the candidate to the system.


11. In the second tab named ‘Education & Work Experience,’ you must enter the candidate’s work experience and education details.
Note: The experience field should be kept blank if the candidate is a fresher.


Hire Candidate - Step 11


12. Kindly note that you will be able to fill in these details only after filling out all the mandatory information in the ‘Basic Detail’ tab.



13. Once the work details are filled in, you need to check the ‘Is Present’ check box if the candidate is currently working in the same company.


Hire Candidate - Step 13


14. Once the work and education details have been filled in, you can click on the ‘Proceed To Apply For Job’ button.


15. Clicking on the button would help you proceed to the ‘Apply For Job’ tab, wherein you need to enter further details related to the candidate.
Note: Kindly ensure that you fill in all the mandatory information marked by the asterisk.


16. The last detail to enter on this page is the ‘Resume’ for which you need to click on the ‘Choose File’ button, select the relevant resume file and then click on the ‘Save’ button.


Hire Candidate - Step 16


17. Clicking on the ‘Save’ button saves all the entered information in the system. You will be redirected to the candidates’ list with the newly filled candidate details visible at the top of the list.


Hire Candidate - Step 17



By following the steps provided above, you will be able to enter the candidate details into the ESS portal quickly. Kindly ensure that you follow all the instructions carefully to ensure that the process is smooth and easy for you.


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