5 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Workers

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Today, more and more organizations are moving towards building remote teams because of coronavirus pandemic. But, it is challenging to build a cohesive work culture as every employee is located at a different location and/or in different time zones.


‘Work from home’ may give you the freedom to do your work whenever you choose. But, remote employees hardly get a chance to meet their co-workers in person. It creates difficulties in team building and hence, managers have to take some extra efforts to keep their teams on the same page for better results and productivity.


5 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Workers

Below are the mentioned top 5 virtual team-building activities for remote workers, Have a look;


1. Arrange Online Games

Arranging any icebreaker games makes your team building activities complete and fun. You can organize these games virtually for your distributed team members. Such games encourage healthy competition and also create a strong relationship among the team members.


2. Virtual Team Meetings

‘Team meeting’ is an important part of any company even if it operates from an office or conduct virtually. Arranging such team meetings help seniors and managers to build cohesion, commitment and empathy among team members.


3. Share Your Bucket List

Knowing a colleague’s bucket list helps other remote employees to know more about them. You can ask each employee every week to share their bucket list with limited items. This list will definitely show a lot about their personalities and hence, sharing bucket list is an interesting virtual team building activity.


4. Building a Storyline

It is one of the oldest virtual team building activities and it is specially used to motivate creative juices of employees. Also, this fun activity is perfect to enhance team cooperation and improves listening capacity as well.


5. Virtual Coffee/Learning Sessions

This is a great strategy to boost employee motivation by appreciating their hard work. Remote employees rarely get a chance to experience office breaks such as tea breaks, office get-together, lunch, etc. So, invite your remote workforce to virtual coffee session and make way to build a bond with your team members!


Strategically build virtual team meeting activities offer a platform for communication while reinforcing a shared team identity. HR people and managers must find interesting ways to bring their teams closer together. Try above mentioned virtual team building activities to make your remote workforce feel connected and bring them closer.


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