5 Toxic Employees That Are Blowing Up Your Workplace Sanity

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Toxic Employees
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For any employee, peers are the topmost thing they love about their workplace and job. This is the reason they say that one bad apple can rot the entire bunch.


Bad apple can be the one, who never shows to work on time, is perpetually on phone, and fails to exude professionalism. This can eventually trigger office blues whilst taking a huge a toll on the entire workforce affecting the morale and productivity of your team.


Here are 5 toxic employees that are blowing up your workplace sanity:


1. The Chaotic

Untrustworthy, unpredictable and incompetent, the chaotic ones can blow up the energy and productivity of an entire team. Soliciting assistance on a frequent basis with over dependency on others to rectify blunders may bring projects to a halt causing frustration across the team. The chaotic ones exude frequent signs of disorganisation, resistance to change, helplessness, inactiveness and lack of credibility.


2. The Lazybones

Coming up with novel ways to avoid tasks is one of the common traits of this toxic employee type. Alike the chaotic, lazybones slurp the zeal, energy and time of the entire team. Some of the worst and frequently observed traits of lazybones include frequent absenteeism, wasting of time, bad timekeeping, bad with deadlines and lack of motivation.


3. The Martyr

The bang opposite of the lazybones, martyrs might appear as the perfect employees for any employer. However, it should be noted that an employee who insists to do everything on his own could cause some serious problems.


Not just a dedicated or hard working person, the martyrs also want everyone to know what they have been sacrificing for their job. They tend to bring in imbalance in the team, cause unrest in the hierarchy and are prone to burnouts. Traits of the martyr include nonconstructive attitude, clueless of his/her limits and undermines confidence of fellow teammates.


4. The Social Animal

Funny, jovial, entertaining and is everybody’s BFF, the social animal treats work as a party or mime. Whether on phone or around the coffee machine, gossiping and disparaging are his/her topmost priority.


Whilst friendship and fun have their place in an office, social animals tend to take things a bit far. Some of the unwelcoming traits of a social animal include unprofessional/immature attitude towards work, epicentre for office drama, lack of focus and loud.


5. The Antisocial

They disrupt the work atmosphere making the environment hostile for everyone. As such, a single disruptive employee can sabotage the efficiency, unity and morale of an entire team.


Worst, if such an employee is assigned with customer facing responsibility, he/she can cause serious damage to the reputation of a company. Antisocial is the one, who would often breach protocols, bully other employees, and manipulative.



Identifying and dealing with toxic employees calls for careful consideration. Here, the human resource manager ought to devise clear policies and protocols to safeguard a business from such toxic personnel. In addition, the management should nurture a positive and trustworthy work environment, where every employee feels safe and heard.


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