5 Signs your Employees Don’t Like You Anymore

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Besides all your accomplishments as a businessperson, are you sure that you are a great boss? This is because leadership skills play a pivotal role in climbing the success ladder. Unfortunately, poor leadership is one of the most common reasons for businesses falling back with their entrepreneurs earning the tag of bad bosses.

Yes, being a good boss comes with a plethora of leadership challenges that every entrepreneur has to go through. This article will throw light on the 5 signs your employees don’t like you anymore:

1. High turnover: Are your employees leaving the company at a speed higher than you hire them? If yes, then you probably are in for some bad news. Either you are recruiting the wrong people or something is fishy with your management that is shoving employees out of the organization. Most importantly, remember that great talents don’t stay for free coupons and free stuff always.

2. You are getting a lot of complaints from your staff: Are you hearing a lot of complaints from your people every now and then? Ask your human resource department to drill down the reasons for the always-complaining staff of yours, as human resources personnel serve as the bridge between employees and management. Thus, ensure to have an able-bodied and professional crew of human resources management folks.

3. Employees are avoiding you: You assert your company to have a free-to-come-and-free-to-go policy, but how many employees actually buy it. Some leaders believe that instilling some form of fear in their people is a good idea, but in reality, this sabotages the office culture beyond repair. This is why make yourself approachable and available to your people as much as possible.

4. Clueless about what your people feel about you: Employees tend to take tasks less seriously when they get the feeling that management is clueless about what it’s employees are up to. In addition, employees might suffer from poor self-esteem when they feel unnoticed. Also, avoid micromanaging your people, as this would simply irk them.

5. You’re pushing your employees hard: Remember good boos or leader delegates the tasks appropriately among his/her employees instead of standing over them to get the work done. So stop being pushy when it comes to dealing with your people. Lay trust in your employees.

Last but not the least, ensure that the exit or layoff procedure includes a session wherein your human resources manager discusses the issues that provoked the employee to leave the organization. A good way to conduct this is by having a full and final settlement payroll software that can automate the entire process.

Your goal as a boss is to be the best friend of every employee in your organization. When your people like you, they will put in their best efforts to help the company succeed and reach new heights.

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