4 Pros and Cons of Work from Home

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Pros and Cons of Work from Home
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Working from home – you love it or hate it? I am sure some of you would love to stay home and do the necessary office work and chill all day. But, due to corona pandemic, it is total lockdown. You are required to stay a whole month at home.

Still would you like it as before? May be a ‘Yes’. So, lets find out who is smarter. Today, we will be discussing some major pros and cons of staying back at home and remote working.

Let’s find out here-

4 major Pros of Work from Home:

  • No commute

Yes! Now you don’t need to go for that long traveling to reach your office. Already a tiresome job every morning. Alas!

  • No distractions

While at office, environment is not controllable. If there are distractions or an event going on, you cannot go and interrupt them. Whereas, at home you can. You have your separate room there!

  • Less stress

With no distractions and morning tiresome commuting, you have already lowered major part of your stress. Staying home is relieving.

  • More deliverables

With some much time saved and less unwanted stress, more work is done. Therefore, working from home is sometimes very productive.

4 major Cons of Working from Home:

  • Work-life balance can be ruined

With absence of physical separation of work and personal life, it can be often losing the perfect work-life balance.

  • Might feel out of loop

With digital communication, there often occurs targeted chats or conference calls in team. Also, casual chats over lunch might make you feel alone.

  • Mis punches

Most of the remote workers commit this. They often forget to punch-IN or OUT while at home. An, this is when regularization requests through self-service portal comes in.

  • Can create health concerns

Sitting at your desk whole day without meetings to attend, without physical canteen, lunch walks, etc. you might lose your shape. Eating junk at home and desk lunching are the most common mistakes. Avoid them and you are good!


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