3 Ways to Track Employee Attendance with Ease

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Track Employee Attendance
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Nowadays, there are various options available to keep track of employees’ working hours. Thanks to the continuous advances in technology!


The online attendance tracking system helps employers to calculate employees’ working hours. Also, payroll processing becomes easier for HR too. This post offers quick information about some commonly used methods to track employee attendance with ease. Take a look!


3 Ways to Track Employee Attendance with Ease


1. Swipe Card

The swipe card attendance system tracks an employee’s all time sequences, including in-out punches, break duration, etc. The process is not at all time consuming and also eliminates the need of timesheet maintenance. Swipe card attendance technique is the best suitable for employees who work on an hourly basis. When an employee swipes his card upon arrival and departure at the workplace, the data transferred to a computer automatically.


2. GPS / Mobile Attendance System

This method to monitor employee attendance is based on a GPS system. This is more famous with employees whose job involve field work such as marketing and sales people. No need to maintain paperwork for monitoring and marking! Employers can make use of this technology to cut down on employee time theft. Free your HR team to concentrate on other tasks.


3. Scanning QR Code

It is useful to handle attendance tracking of employees, but the security level is comparatively low as compared to other methods. Today, everybody is more attracted towards ‘contactless technology’. And, ‘scanning QR Code’ is the best example of it. Choose any of these employee attendance tracking system as it is the perfect choice to make the payroll process easy and accurate. Also, employers can track their employees’ leaves and attendance without consuming much time.


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