Role of Education in Human Resource Development of the Company

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Role of Education in Human Resource Development of the Company
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The role of education in Human Resource Development is indisputable. Education acts as a base for the personal, professional and social development of human resources. The role of education is not limited to the transfer of knowledge or information. The education system very much defines the way a person gathers information and process inputs from their surroundings.


There is a pivotal role of education in human resource development when it comes to social and economic changes. Education is the most important when it comes to efficiently utilise the knowledge and resources at one’s disposal. Education and human society, as well as scientific reforms, go hand in hand as it continues to provide a more productive and sensitive perspective.


The role of education is crucial and profound as it enables people to perform well at their personal and professional responsibilities. The educational system plays an important role in the development of human resources. That is one of the reasons that it is a major reason why it is economical for business organisations to hire skilled and qualified employees rather than unskilled ones. Education is significant in the future development of young people in a number of ways, as described below.




Life Challenges

The education system provides knowledge that can be applied to many tasks and challenges to make life easier in the future.


Develop Empathy

Empathy is an important part of human development that helps to build better social skills and also helps in product development. The role of education is vital in human resource development as it gives you the ability to look at things from different perspectives.


Achieve Objectives

Education helps in achieving financial objectives as well as helps in understanding the world around you better. Knowledge acts as a catalyst in human resource development in many many ways.


Education helps in the economic development of the country. It makes human resources more skilled and knowledgeable to be more productive. That plays an essential role in the quality of life and human capital.


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Increase Productivity

There is no doubt that education is a crucial factor when it comes to the development of society as a whole. The educational system and the development of the country go hand in hand. It enables people to use their skills and talent in more productive ways.


As stated before, education plays a vital role in shaping the thought process of a person. The right perspective, as well as mindset, can be instilled in people’s minds so it helps to make an advanced society in the future.



One of the most important roles of education is the developing sense of logic and rationality in young minds. Education is the tool that motivates them to ask questions and find the answers and reasons before accepting something as true.


Education plays a vital role in keeping harmful and degrading beliefs away from impression-able minds. That way, education helps people to look at their surroundings and the people around them objectively. When there is no prejudice involved personal and professional decisions tend to be more efficient. The role of education in human resources is also about enabling organisations to find the best employees for the company based on their skill set rather than their ideas.


Economic Development

Human resource in any country is the key to the development of the country. The social and economic development of the people collectively represents the growth of the nation. There are many sectors, such as education, healthcare, industrialisation, transportation, and farming, that are crucial for the overall development of the country.


The growth and development of all the key sectors of the economy depend on the quality of education they receive. Education has a vital role in developing human resources adequately for the advancement of all economic sectors.


With the right education in various professional fields, the quality of life of people in a country improves as economic development takes place. With the right investment in education, countries can be pulled out of the state of poverty.


Creativity & Ambition

It’s essential to have a human resource that aspires to be more than their present. In this, education has a significant role to play as in the making of human resources that is ambitious, education acts as an introductory gateway. It provides knowledge for possibilities in the various fields and how to achieve their dreams.


Without young people in the company that wants to work hard and improve themselves, there will be no growth or improvement in profits. Education plays a role in introducing people to new possibilities that the potential can be improved, and hence organisations and nations grow as a result.


Education also helps in the creativity of individuals or employees. Imagination and creativity are some of the crucial ingredients in human development. To imagine what will be possible in the future, you need to know what exists in the present.


With the knowledge and ideas that are already there, education paves the way for inventions that will be the future. As the imagination needs information and knowledge to convert this imagination into a reality, education acts as a fundamental tool of human development.


Human Resource Development In the Business Organisations

The human resource department is the most important team in the organisation as it is the human resource, aka employees of the company, that is going to help companies achieve their goals. The role of education in human resource development is to create an environment for the achievement of goals.


Education and human resource development do not stop at formal educational institutions. Human resources in the firm should be aware of education requirements for further skill development. Upskilling and training are important for the human resource development of the company. That makes employees capable of their job.


Education has always played a crucial role in the organisation. In the world of continuously advancing technology, we constantly need new skills to be productive as there is a need for skill development and training. The role of education in improving the quality of the workforce remains constant.


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May it be the nation or the organisation, education is a crucial ingredient for growth and development in the future. Education also helps mould the thinking process on the day to day basis. Education is an ingredient that nurtures objectivity, logic, creativity, ambitions and dreams in people. Education in human resources provides crucial knowledge to make people efficient at their job. And with the fast-paced world that we live in, education plays a significant role in human development and growth.


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