Cons of Poor HR Management: Things you should Know

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Human resource or HR management is one of the core operations in any organisation, since it oversees several crucial HR administrative tasks such as payroll processing, attendance/time management, recruitment, training, employee retention and much more.

Further, the HR staff has to maintain a steadfast relationship between management and employees. Since HR personnel manages a gamut of tasks, failing to perform these duties would lead to inefficiency and unproductivity in an organisation.

Here is a rundown on some of the disasters of poor human resources management.

  • Disturbed or Poor Productivity

Poor or substandard HR management can take workplace productivity for a bumpy ride. And we all know that an unproductive workforce is one of the biggest nightmares for any management and company. Unproductive employees tend to be highly unenthusiastic when it comes to performing their roles and duties at their optimal best. In most of the cases, lack of proper management and motivation along with organisational changes are the trigger-points of a non-productive workforce. Here, HR department ought to ensure that managers are equipped with all the training materials and resources required to execute their duties effectively. Failing to do so can render the managers dormant thus, paving way for unproductivity.

  • Ineffective Recruitment

Another core responsibility of HR department is recruitment. Here, HR personnel work in tandem with managers to understand the diverse hiring needs followed by scheduling and interviewing potential candidates for the said positions. Poor or unorganised recruitment practices can lead to hiring of incompetent and inept candidates. This could also spell havoc on workforce integrity in an organisation. For instance, failing to administer proper screening norms for potential candidates may allow an applicant with unacceptable employment or objectionable criminal history to win employment further disrupting the organisation’s environment.

  • Increased Employee Turnover

Poor HR management could lead to a drastic surge in employee turnover rate. For instance, employees who quit their jobs voluntarily have to undergo an exit interview with HR personnel. Often, the purpose of conducting an exit interview is to understand the employee’s voluntary decision of quitting the firm. And, a poorly conducted exit interview could fail to deliver crucial information pertaining to factors that drove the employee to quit, workplace ethics, employee morale and much more. This information can come very handy to retain a productive and contented workforce in future.

  • Non-compliance

Last but not the least, it is the responsibility of an HR department to ensure that the organisation follows proper employee and labour regulations or laws. The department needs to ensure medical leave benefits, employment laws and various other complex regulations. Failing to plan and execute legal aspects of employee management can hit a company’s repute and credibility real bad. For instance, if the department fails to incorporate a robust anti-harassment workplace policy and harassment results in a nasty lawsuit, the consequences certainly would be not so welcomed by the employer.

So now that you know about the demerits of poor HR management, it is time to spruce up your HR department and processes. Unleash the real potential of your HR crew by automating HR processes and eliminate all these aforementioned pain-points.

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