Why HR department needs Email and Letter Templates?

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Email and Letter Templates
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HRs are responsible to send emails as well as provide various important documents to employees and potential candidates. The recruitment email sent by an HR frames the first impression on the candidate. The structure of email indicates the professionalism of the company, while the content briefs the candidate about the job description and thus, it should entail all the details.

An HR who is not so proficient with his writing skills can send a wrong idea about the company and a well-experienced candidate, who seeks a professional environment for himself, may not even pay any heed to the ill-mannered mail. Moreover, email service providers can even suspect such mails for spam.

Besides email, other company letters such as appointment letters, experience certificates, etc. are very crucial for the future of the employee and in addition to that, every company has its own format and policy for writing the same. This again represents the company for which the HR needs to be cautious as to what they are providing the employee with.

Job appointment letter format template

Why are they important?

  • They have important information and details.
  • They represent your company.
  • They are crucial for the employees.

With such tasks in hands of HR, a pre-designed template can not only save time but would also ease up the work of providing proficient content in emails as well as maintain the format for the company’s important letters.

With Pocket HRMS, a comprehensive and customizable HR software, the following templates are available:

Email modules: Pocket HRMS has a customizable E-mail template option, which can be pre-set by a Sr. HR Manager or be outsourced to minimize the errors. These templates can be accessed by other HRs and they just need to fill in the recipient’s details and send the mail.

Letter modules: Pre-design and save all your important letter templates on Pocket HRMS’s cloud server, which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere and send them to employees as and when needed.

Another benefit of using Pocket HRMS is that you do not need to depend upon your own workstations to use these templates. With the help of cloud servers, they can be used on any computer and on any device and from any location, i.e. you can carry out these processes on your smartphone too with its mobile payroll app and easily send emails.

To know about more such cool features of Pocket HRMS, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com for free demo and consultation.


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