How to Manage Salary Increment with Online HR Software?

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In every organization, yearly appraisal is a norm. Employees get their increment or appraisal in salary, based on their performance. This is a very difficult time for the HR department as all the employees are either on the April / October cycle and the salary increment for all the employees need to be done at once.


If the HR in the company makes use of excel sheets and spreadsheets, then it will be very difficult for them to complete that humongous task on time. Overlooking of a data or spending a lot of time for the payroll process is the monthly nightmare for a HR. But how about making it all online and processing not only the salary but also the salary increment online with an Online HR software.


Pocket HRMS, a complete Cloud based HR Software, provides us with a very useful configurable feature for Increment and salary of the employees. Pocket HRMS users can increase the pay structure based on the Earning component. Earning component can be like fixed basic, HRA, Transport Allowance, and Convenience etc.


Pocket HRMS provides the feasibility to increase the amount of a particular component while doing the increment. For e.g. if a company wants to give the increment on the Basic component only then it can be done by changing its component value with the new incremented value. User can also decrease the value from one component and increase value in other earning component based on situations.


Pocket HRMS provides a feature for importing the incremented salary data of all the employee from excel sheet using increment import option. This will allow user to do the increment of all employee on one click button rather than doing manually for the each and every employee. This feature helps the user to perform faster operation.


Pocket HRMS introduce a feature of Arrear calculation in its Online HR software module. While doing the increment of the employee if the user has given effective date of increment as previous month date, for which payroll already process then the system will automatically create the arrear value for the previous month in the current month payroll process.


Pocket HRMS also provides a powerful report in the Cloud HR Software to analyse the increment data which will help the employers to track and analysed the record and maintain the organization in streamline process.


So these are one of the feature of the Pocket HRMS which will help small and mid-sized businesses for managing their employee data and automated payroll process.


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