How Automated Attendance System could Benefit your Small Business?

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According to a recent survey, it has been predicted that around 20% of small businesses are going to invest in improving employee productivity in the coming months. Also, other organisations are working on providing more security to the data with huge unwanted investments.


Whether it is payroll, attendance, or over-time management, companies have to do a lot of research and investments in separate tools which later performs each task one by one, lacking integration. To synchronise data, it takes huge hours. Perhaps, our concern, for now, is ‘small businesses’. It is simply unfeasible for them to invest so much on time and money.


For a small business, it becomes necessary to adopt an integrated system. Tool like online attendance management system is a privilege for small business owners. It simplifies the operations of an HR and accountants by automated time tracking and integrated data.


Listed below are some noteworthy features of an employee attendance management system for small business-


  • Accurate payroll

Due to accurate IN-OUT timings, exact worked hours are calculated for employees making payroll an easier task. Performing payroll for all business sizes is now just a matter of clicks. Not only it considers leaves taken, holidays, etc., but also each component of tax is added to the pay-slip. No more worries about getting liable to tax penalties or mistakes in payroll.



  • Automation

Once you’ve adopted a time attendance system and integrated with your payroll system, forget about manually calculating total worked hours and pay for every particular employee. The software does it all on its own. With just one click, you can access attendance data for employees. Automated time fetching makes monthly payroll look sorted.


  • Productivity enhancement

Whenever technology has assisted humans, we have witnessed growth. Don’t you agree? Same happens with businesses. Here, attendance software helps us tracking employee hours. Which gives us a detailed overview of the invested time. Tracking employees’ work regularly will help in better time and project management. If a work can be done in 3 hours but took 5 hours, then it will get noticed through this type of machine which then ensures that it won’t get repeated in the future.



  • Workforce retention

Miscalculations in payments due to manual errors in counting days and leaves a bad impression on employees. Instead an organisation that relies on automated operations like accounting, attending leave requests, etc. witness a happier workforce that leads to retained workforce. An online attendance system also helps remote workers to mark themselves present through mobile device. Everything becomes error free.



In the lesson-

Until now, it is visible enough that instead of running manual operations, adopting an advanced attendance based solution is far better. The benefits of an automated attendance system surely outweighs the investment a small business makes for it.


To know how our automated attendance management system can work wonders for your small business, write to us at for a FREE demo.


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