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A job offer letter is the entry point for a new employee into a new company. Being the first official document that an employee receives after becoming your company’s employee, it needs to convey your company’s work culture and the employee experience. Hence, companies have started using job offer letter template as well as job offer email template and customizing it as per the style and tone which they wish to convey to the new candidate.


While many companies have resorted to making their job offer letter look more informal for the sake of a more personal experience, there are many companies out there that wish to take a more conventional approach with a formal job offer letter. Hence, let us dive in to understand the importance of a formal job offer letter sample or job offer email template and take a look at a formal job offer letter sample.



What is a Formal Job Offer Letter?

An offer letter is an official document provided by your company’s HR department to a new candidate for making the ‘offer’ to join the organisation. Depending on your company’s employer branding, you can have this letter or document in either formal or informal visual style and tone. The one with the formal tone is referred to as the formal job offer letter and it is what we will be discussing about, in this article.


Your company’s formal job offer letter helps the new employee understand various terms and conditions related to their employment in your job offer, such as their joining date, annual gross and net salaries, reporting manager, official job title, the annual number of permitted leaves and holidays, etc. Being the first official document that an employee receives from your company’s HR department, it is imperative to consider the fact that it’s also an opportunity for your organisation to make a great first impression on the employee.


An offer letter also provides basic information about the daily duties of any candidate, which will help them understand their responsibilities and functions. Some companies also provide their formal job offer letter as an email; however, it has the same relevance as a physical job offer letter.



What is included in your Job Offer Letter


Job Description

The job description informs the new candidate of their daily duties and helps them understand what is the expectation of any firm with regards to their performance. It should also make clear whether you are offering a full-time position or a part-time one along with the terms and conditions of employment.



Date of Joining

The start date is a date when the candidate to required to start working for the organisation. Companies inform the start date in their job offer letter itself so that the employee can schedule other priorities accordingly and is available for work on that date.



Manager Details

The manager details are required by the new candidate to understand whom they shall be reporting to, during the course of their work. Hence, it is imperative to mention the first and last name of any person to whom the employee would be reporting, along with their official job designation.



Salary Information

The salary information is a major aspect of a job offer letter and hence, companies mostly mention the overall gross salary figure on the body of their job offer letter and provide a detailed tabular salary structure as an annexure to the same.



Bonus Details

The additional bonuses that the employee is eligible for can be informed in the job offer letter to help them understand the benefits of working with your firm. It helps them choose your company’s package over another in case they have received another job offer.



Commission Particulars

Some job designations such as a ‘salesperson’ might have an additional commission as a part of their salary package. Companies encourage them to perform better by providing a percentage of the sale as a commission to the employee who sealed the deal.



Additional Benefits Information

Companies nowadays offer additional incentives for their employees as the competition for talented personnel is high in the job marketplace. Hence, these additional benefits are clearly mentioned in their job offer letter to nudge the employee to take up the position being offered by their job offer letter.



Leave Details

The leave details are another one of the major aspects of a job offer letter and hence, companies provide the leave details in it. Some might mention it in a job offer letter body as an annual amount of leaves, while others provide the different types of leaves too in a tabular format as an annexure.



Holiday Information

Similar to leaves, holidays are also an important aspect of any employee’s working duration with the company. Hence, companies are providing the annual holiday information in their job offer letters along with the leave details.



Importance of having a Job Offer Letter format template

Having a good formal job offer letter sample or a job offer email template helps the firm in setting a formal tone for every job offer letter or job offer email that it sends to the newly recruited employees. It helps them understand the formal nature of any company and hence, adjust to the work culture accordingly.


A good formal job offer letter template or a formal job offer email template helps HR in sending multiple candidates the same job offer letter with little tweaks, thus saving their valuable time and expediting the recruitment process. It also ensures that uniformity is maintained in each of these formal job offer letters or job offer emails.


A good job offer letter should also be devoid of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and having a template also helps in that department. HR can spend minimal time proofreading it and simply send it once the proper details are filled in to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for the candidate.



Sample formal job offer letter template:


[Candidate Name]

[Candidate Address]



Dear [Candidate Name],


We are pleased to offer you the full-time position of [Job Title] as an employee of [Company Name]. You will be reporting to [Manager Name], [Manager Job Title] at [Workplace Location]. We feel that your skills and background will be valuable assets for this position and look forward to a fruitful relationship.


Your starting date will be [Date]. As part of your compensation package, you will be eligible for an annual gross salary of [Annual CTC], which is to be paid on a monthly basis. The enclosed employee handbook outlines the additional medical and retirement benefits as well as explains the salary structure in detail.


Please confirm the acceptance of this offer by signing and returning your job offer letter. Your acceptance of the job offer also implies the agreement of terms and conditions of employment such as the ones described in the handbook.


We look forward to welcoming you as an esteemed member of the [Department Name] team as we know that you will be a perfect fit for our team! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time.


Please note that if you are unable to reach our office on the aforementioned date of joining, kindly share the reason with us beforehand.




[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Company Name]




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