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Work from Home
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Some people are comfortable and happier while working from office and some are not. Some may have a doubt about, is working from office as productive as working from home.  But, it’s not only about where you are; it’s more about how you manage that makes the process successful.


Employees who prefer remote working should be more disciplined and capable enough to accomplish their tasks without the regular support of your co-workers. Let’s take a look on pros and cons of work from home.


  • Pros of Work from Home

Save a lot of commuting time back and forth to work. No time wasting in traffic jams!

It gives you the freedom to create your own working environment

You get the flexibility to schedule your workflow based on your priorities.

You can communicate with your team and supervisors beyond geographical boundaries.

No dress code to follow except video conferencing!

You get extra time to spend with your family



  • Cons of Work from Home

The constant support and guidance of your colleagues and supervisors is missing.

You don’t have access to your company’s intranet and technical support

It is difficult for you to switch and stay focused and get your work done.

The ‘work from home’ method leads to long working hours and sometimes on the weekends too.

Now, let’s see how rewarding and positive one can be during ‘work from office’ method.



  • Pros of Work from Office

You have support and guidance from your colleagues and bosses.

Working with intelligent people encourages you to perform better and excel in your field.

You don’t miss out on team lunch, birthday celebrations, etc. to build a social life with coworkers.

Instant feedback is available!



  • Cons of Work from Office

‘Daily commute’, the biggest disadvantage of working from the office!

No choice to set your working schedule as you need to deliver your highest alertness during fixed working hours.

You need to follow a dress code without fail!

Taking care of children and/or pets becomes a little more difficult.



Conclusions: Before selecting between work from home and work from the office, one should weigh both options and then choose what is best for you. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so only you can decide which suits you better!



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