Automation vs. Digitisation: What Your HR Should Know?

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Automation vs. Digitisation
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Yes, HR (human resources) ought to understand the difference between digitization and automation (Automation vs. Digitisation) to attain a competitive edge in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem.

In fact, HR all over the world has already automated several of its critical functions and operations. For instance, the employee self-service portal has significantly reduced the admin work required to store and manage employee data, whilst automating performance management processes is not only a boon to employers/managers but also a blessing in disguise for employees.

With that being said, today’s HR ought to look up to existing operations and reimagine those. This requires HR to be courageous enough to embrace the seismic shifts and changes on its path.

HR experts and professionals must buckle up to embrace the coming-of-age HR technology tools and trends. A few years ago, HR tech used to be a thing for the human resources personnel only, whereas the majority of users entail a significant number of company’s staff as well. Thus the question: is your HR geared up to acknowledge and study workforce experience with regard to HR technology?

This means that employee or HR might not be required to log into a stationary desktop system to change or update any information, as they can do the same through their handheld devices and on the go. Today, technology is not only confined to stay compliant, as its use has traversed beyond that. It is all about empowering the users.

It is imperative for HR to prioritize the areas that require reimagining and tweaking through technology. Here, you can think about human resource processes or functions that should be exceptional versus the ones that ought to be performance-oriented.

People were apprehensive about automobiles before their invention. Similarly, there are folks, who are anxious about automation and this is the reason, it is imperative to understand the stark difference between digitization and automation.

The digital explosion is expected to unravel a downpour of advanced analytics tool for the human resources domain. This is why the future breed of HR needs to be proficient with analytics. Human resources personnel of future will not only be required to deal with giant pools of data but also with the ever-evolving big data. Brace yourselves for terms like cost modeling, machine learning, data mining, etc. in the near future.

HR need to think and act like technologists and acknowledge the advent of new tools and skills. Long story cut short, they ought to be digitally competent.   

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