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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has published a list of essential guidelines for COVID-19 management a day after it extended the ongoing lockdown till May 3.

The government has given green signal to certain sectors including agriculture, IT, manufacturing, E-commerce and other services including operationalizing of Dhabas, MNREGA workers, daily wage workers and related ones to resume their operations after April 20.

The services which are going to be resumed would be conditioned with following an essential set of rules and all social distancing norms issued by the government. Now, it is necessary for companies related to such industries to start preparing their workplace healthy and safe for their employees.

You can keep office premises clean with the use of sanitizers and disinfectant, but maintaining a social distancing during lunch time is a big challenge. So, select the appropriate method like, ‘lunch break roster management’ to avoid gatherings at lunch time or even during breaks.

It is now possible for HR people to set up regular breaks for their staff members with just few clicks. Thanks to technology! Let’s see what benefits lunch break roster management offers to organizations:

  • Avoid unnecessary crowd and helps to follow social distancing rule.
  • As breaks are scheduled in advance so employees know about upcoming meals and rest breaks between shifts at the start of the day.
  • Staff can manage their workload more efficiently when they know about break timings well in advance.
  • Store historic data relating to lunch breaks and/or rest breaks means managers can know about when your employees go on a break and for how long, etc.
  • Track employee’s productivity before and after breaks to understand his most productive hours and how these breaks impact their work.
  • It lessens the need to over-communicate with your staff on a regular basis.

Also, planning effective lunch break roster schedule helps employees to be more focused and productive. Now without giving this idea a second thought, start working on lunch break roster management and see what effect it has on your staff.

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Disclaimer: This post is not an advisory for organizations and individuals. Please visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare –  https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ and Ministry of Home Affairs for latest guidelines.


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