HR department has evolved on various levels and is often responsible for developing corporate procedures and communications to make sure that organizational programs are sustainable throughout time. HR professionals are always focused on company strategy and empowered employees to take the organization to the next level. Below 10 GIFs describe the exact journey of HR team in a fun way, check if you can connect yourself with this post!

  • Starting a journey as HR personnel

  • When HR calls an employee for a meeting

  • When HR asks management to increase HR team size

  • When HR asks employees for ideas regarding company event

  • When Managers ask recruiting person to hire a candidate in two days

  • When you post a job vacancy on online portals & searching suitable candidates from many applications feels like;

  • When HR try to maintain the balance between candidate’s profile and job requirement

  • When HR finds applicant’s resume with spelling errors & grammatical mistakes

  • HR during interviews

  • When a candidate tells you they have accepted another offer when one day is left for joining

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