Employee Termination Letter Template

Do not waste time in drafting a termination letter. Download this template to swiftly take action

Issuing a termination letter is something that no HR wants to perform. However, there are instances when a termination letter is the only option available. The employee being terminated could have performed some illegal or unethical action, which might have been against the company policies. Or, they might have indulged in some misdemeanour or misbehaviour which could tarnish the company image.

In any case, the termination letter should be issued and sent as soon as the decision is taken to remove that employee from the company. In such a scenario, no time must be wasted in drafting a letter. Hence, this termination letter template would come in handy as you simply need to add in the missing details.

Components of a termination letter:


  • Company name
  • Termination date
  • Reason for termination
  • List of items to be submitted by the employee, if any
  • Final payment and severance details
  • Contact information of the HR or relevant team, in case the employee wishes to appeal the termination.

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