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An interview confirmation email is important. The candidates that are interested in the opportunity to work for your company definitely look forward to meeting you. An email is an essential step in the recruitment process. The confirmation email is a vital piece of information for candidates. Confirming an interview invitation should not be done only on call. There is the possibility that candidates may miss the venue or any additional information they need to know. Once you get the list of shortlisted candidates from the hiring manager after the primary screening, the right way to confirm an interview is to send the candidates an interview confirmation email.



What Should be Included in Interview Confirmation Email?


It is critical to understand what to include in the email, as many employers are not sure about how to confirm an interview. Here we will discuss how to confirm an interview through email, also refer to the interview confirmation email template for the same.




When you are writing to confirm the interview, it should be evident that it is an interview confirmation email to the candidate and not some random spam email. The subject is the first thing that people read in the email. Whether they are going to open the email and read it or not depends on the subject of the email. No one has time to go through each and every email that lands in their inbox. People open only a few of those where the subject happens to have something of interest for them.


A confirmation email for an interview should have a very clear subject line that says it is an invitation confirming to interview for the particular position in the organization. This way you avoid any unnecessary confusion and do not leave out promising candidates from the hiring process just because your subject line failed to make it clear that it is the opportunity to interview that you offer in your email and not some promotional deal.



Basic Information


What to include in the interview confirmation email?, is the question that every recruiter or HR should pay attention to. You need to include enough details in an interview confirmation email, so candidates have enough information with them to go through the process confidently.


You can include essential information like the date and time of the interview, mode of interview and more. If you are inviting them to an interview that is held offline, in your email, you need to include the address and directions to guide them about how to reach the place.



Specific Guidelines


The interview confirmation email to the candidate for a job interview should also include some other information. If you have a specific protocol to the visitors to your corporate building or IT part must follow, you need to give those guidelines in a confirmation email. You can attach an additional document to an email if it is necessary. This helps them navigate freely at the venue, and they are less likely to be late on the interview day, saving everyone’s valuable time.



The Job Title


When it is an invitation to interview for a job, the job title is important. Candidates are likely to refer to the email that you send them to confirm the interview to find it. Sometimes when multiple level hiring is going on in the organization, there can be a mix-up. So while drafting an interview confirmation email to candidates, make sure that it includes the exact job title, which is to some extent itself is a short description of the opportunity that you are offering.



Interview Details


You can use the interview confirmation email to instruct the applicant more about the interview. If the hiring manager wants to get some tests or assignments along with the interview round, you can provide those details here, along with the date and time.


The type of job interview should also be made clear, such as whether it is a video or online interview, a technical or an HR round. You can list the documents or other details that they need to bring with them for the interview.



Contact Person


If you send an interview confirmation email with just your name, the applicants are likely to reach you for any additional information. You may not be able to answer all those queries, precisely the hiring manager or those who are working in a similar role can.


For a job interview, it is important to provide the contact details of the hiring manager to the applicant so if they still have some doubts after reading your emails they can clear them out. In the cases where you need to be the contact person for your interview, do not forget to mention that the applicant can contact you to get any additional information related to the interview. You may also provide your contact number or other details.



Confirm the Interview


An email for confirmation should ask candidates to take action and let you know that they will attend the interview on the mentioned date and time. This helps in the better organization of the interview round. You can mention some phrases as listed below for that.


  • Thank you for your interest in the job position.
  • Please let me know if you will be attending the interview
  • I look forward to getting an email confirming your presence
  • Please let me know if you want to change the date or have any queries.


This way you make your interview confirmation email valuable for the candidates.

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