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Get an email template to reschedule the interview with the candidate while maintaining professional communication.




Every element of the hiring process is equally essential, starting from inviting applications to the final selection of the candidate. Meanwhile, there is a lot of communication that has to be done between HR and the candidates. The interview part of the hiring process alone involves various types of planning. All interviews, like the HR or managerial round, need proper planning.



How to Reschedule a Job Interview?


Often, you need to reschedule your interview due to the unavailability of the hiring manager, which can be due to a family emergency or some other issue. At such times, you have to reschedule the interview and inform the candidate as soon as possible. Rescheduling an interview can be done with the help of email. To reschedule the interview, you need to have a good email template where you make it clear to the candidate that you won’t be able to follow the previous schedule of the interview.


What Needs to be Included in an Email to Reschedule a Job Interview?

Suppose you need to reschedule an interview for the position in your company. In that case, you should be sending an email to tell the applicant that you cannot make it on the scheduled date and give them any other information they require about rescheduling the interview.


To reschedule a job interview with a candidate, you need an email template to deliver the message efficiently. When you can make a good rescheduling email template, you will be able to use it whenever a situation arises where you want to reschedule the interview. The following components make a good email to reschedule your interview.



Subject Line:


For a candidate, an email subject has to be clear. There are likely many emails that they skim through, and if you don’t mention in the subject, that it is about rescheduling the interview for the position they applied for, they might delete it without reading it.




A candidate needs to know the reason. So, in a message, tell them about the difficulty of the interviewer’s availability or any other reason for the rescheduling that you have.


Date and Time:


You must mention a new date and time to reschedule your interview. As consideration for the inconvenience, you can ask the candidate if they have requested to reschedule an interview.




The interview is the opportunity for the applicant to learn more about the company, and they are likely looking forward to meeting with you to get that information. They are willing to make adjustments to their schedule again for the interview. So when you mention that you can’t make it on the previous schedule, you should also apologize for any inconvenience.



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