Skype Interview Invitation Email

Get a structured template to schedule interviews on Skype and save valuable time in the hiring process.



What is the Skype Interview Invitation Email?


Skype invitation email is an invitation for the candidate, you would like to invite for the next round of your hiring process. This is when you tell a candidate that “your application for the job has been accepted” and that company would like to schedule a meeting with them and welcome them to an interview on a Skype call.




Why do you Need a Skype Interview Invitation Email Template?


With most organizations still working in the remote or hybrid setup, many interviews are now being conducted on video calls. If you have to schedule a Skype meeting for an applicant with you as part of the interview process, you need to inform the candidate about the same. You can send an email to them before the interview date so they can free up time for your interview.


Having a standard template for an interview invitation email that you can send to a qualified person can save you a lot of time. Hiring and recruitment is a time-consuming process, but a template cuts down on repetitive tasks, making it easier.



What Should be the Components of the Skype Interview Invitation Email?


When you think about making a standard interview invitation email template that can be used for multiple job profiles and candidates. How to invite a candidate to interview and compose that email is important. There are a few must-be-included points for a good Skype interview invitation, as listed below.



Subject Line


Make sure it clearly says that it is about an interview, so they do not confuse it with other promotional emails.



Opening Line


Grab the attention by delivering the most critical information first. You can start the paragraph with, ” We would like to invite you to an interview.”



Date and Time


The date and time are among the most essential information of the interview that candidates want to know. Provide them multiple options here, so they can choose the time they find convenient. Also, mention that you are open to rescheduling on the date and time they prefer.



The Job Title:


Candidates know about the job they have applied for, but there can be confusion if they are applying for multiple positions.



The Closing


Closing the emails to make people take action is also noteworthy. You can add a line saying “looking forward to hearing from you”. Ask them to confirm the interview date and time and give your name, and inform them that they can reach you to ask any doubts they have.

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