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A suspension letter is an official intimation issued to an employee about misconduct or violation of company policies. The suspension letter is a means of informing them that they are suspended from their job due to alleged misconduct.


The primary reason for issuing a suspension letter is to get time for the investigation of the allegations that lead to decision of suspension. There are a few organizations that use the suspension to punish employees for the violation, depending on the company’s policies. The suspension is a significant action, and the letter should be crafted with care.


Here are a few crucial guidelines to help you craft a suspension letter.




When it comes to a suspension letter, you can’t skip the reason behind it. You have to briefly describe the misconduct. If you already had a discussion with them about the suspension, you can refer to the conversation or the meeting where you were informing them about the possibility of it due to gross misconduct.


Stating reason in this letter makes them feel that the company is treating them fairly. You will be immune to any objection from the employee in the future about not being informed properly. This letter serves as proof that you have informed them sufficiently.



The Pay

period of suspension is without pay while in some companies there are policies on how much they will pay for the period to the suspended employee. That makes it important to let them know about their pay for the duration 0f suspension.


You can add a single line like ‘you will receive (X%) pay for period of your suspension.




The period for which an employee has been suspended varies according to company policies. ongoing investigation increases uncertainty. When you are unable to predict the period and there in no clear mention in the organizational policies about in what amount of time investigation should be completed, you can mention the same while clearly mentioning starting day of suspension.


You can use a statement such as, ‘You have been suspended effective from (date) till the investigation is completed.




When someone is suspended for complaints of misconduct there ongoing investigation. It surely says that the suspended person is not proven guilty yet, and they know they are not guilty. But this time can be really stressful. There are often multiple queries that keep arising in people’s minds and it is your responsibility to ensure that all their doubts are resolved.


  • The best thing to do is to provide them with the contact information of the concerned person.
  • This helps them to stay calm while there is uncertainty in the investigation and they are away from their work.
  • It shows that the company doesn’t already consider them guilty
  • Employees feel that they are being supported and fairly treated by the firm.




The investigation for the misconduct or violation of the policies needs cooperation from the employee too. You are supposed to inform them about their responsibilities in the suspension letter. These instructions can be as followed.


  • They are not allowed to contact their colleagues or people involved in the investigation.
  • The person should not interfere or manipulate the investigation and doing so will be considered misconduct or a violation of company policies.
  • Employees should stay available during their suspension and can be called for a meeting related to the investigation.



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