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Recognition is a message of appreciation from the employer to the employee. Managers can write employee recognition letters on many occasions, such as:


  • thanking employees for their hard work
  • employee’s work anniversary with the company
  • congratulate them on a recent achievement
  • as a part of the annual appreciation program
  • recognize exceptional contribution


Employee recognition improves employee retention and engagement. In addition, the employee who receives a recognition letter gives higher ratings to the company, contributing to employee branding.



What is a Recognition Letter?

Companies write employee recognition letters to express gratitude. An appreciation letter makes employees feel valued and boosts their morale. A simple recognition letter can boost their confidence and motivate them to increase their work efforts. This small gesture can act as a reminder for them to give their best and keep going ahead. The letter can also cater to employee qualities such as leadership, coordination with colleagues, empathy, and loyalty to the company.


The importance of employee recognition is acknowledged by companies globally, whereas not everyone knows how to draft an employee recognition letter. To make your appreciation letter more meaningful, you can include specific details of a project or a task where the employee has shown exceptional performance.


An immediate superior should write the recognition letter as they have better insight into their work. Someone who has no direct link with the employee often fails to provide a meaningful review.


Some companies look at the performance review to communicate the scope of improvement to the employee. While improvement is essential, an appreciation can go a long way. For example, when managers praise their team for a certain type of work, they often witness its continuation. So it’s always a good idea to praise employees for the desired behaviour in the appreciation letter.


The mode of communication chosen to convey appreciation to the employee can differ from company to company according to the difference in company culture. However, the impact should remain the same whether you are using a handwritten note, a printed letter, or an email. It should show acknowledgement for their efforts.


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