Interview Schedule Template

Use this interview schedule email template to make sure that it communicates all the necessary information to candidates.



What is an Interview Schedule Email?


The interview schedule email is to inform the shortlisted candidates that they have been selected for the interview process and fix the interview appointment for them.


There are many stages in the recruitment process, and the interview is a crucial one. The multiple screening rounds before the interview process are intended to shortlist the candidates. To schedule an interview, you’ll need to inform the candidate with an email.


The email of an interview schedule should give candidates all the necessary details they need to know while appearing for the interview. The information that is included in the interview schedule template of the email depends on the company culture and the type of the interview. Many human resources personnel wonder how to write an interview schedule format so that you can communicate all the significant points to candidates in a single email. So let’s see how to make an email crisp and informative.



What Should be Included in Your Email for the Interview Schedule Template?


Here are a few important points that you may want to include in the interview schedule template to help you draft an information-rich email. You can modify these points to suit the needs of a particular type of interview.


Subject Line


Your subject line should clearly state that it is an email to schedule an interview for the candidate. You have to make sure that candidates do not confuse your email with thousands of other promotional emails they receive on a daily basis.

To ensure clarity, you can mention the purpose in the subject line, so candidates understand that it is an official email to schedule an interview with a single glance. If you have mentioned the name of the company in the subject, it will be helpful to grab the attention of the applicant. And they will recall that they applied for the job by reading the name of the organization.



Job Title


The job title is important to the candidates. Applicants are very specific about the role they want to work in. If you send an email to the wrong candidate, it helps you to be able to exclude the wrong candidate and save your time. This simple mention also helps to save time from replying to emails from multiple candidates who want to learn more about the job.



Dress Code


Depending on the company culture, the dress code varies. You can include a point in your interview schedule template to give an applicant a prior idea of the preferred dress code. This is important as it makes candidates at ease during the interview, otherwise, if they show up with the wrong dress code, they might feel embarrassed and be distracted all the time, not giving their best and you might lose the right candidate for the job.



Confirmation Action:


Make sure to mention the action that a candidate needs to take to confirm that they are available for an interview. This gives you a correct idea of the number of interviews that need to be scheduled for optimum utilization of the time you have. If your template does not mention this, you may end up wasting a lot of time scheduling interviews that never happen.



Date and Time:


Date and time are the details that must be included in the interview schedule template. You can not expect a candidate to be present at the right time to interview when they do not have any idea about the date and time of the interview. So make sure that you are mentioning the right details in the email template.



Estimated Duration:


Along with the date and time, you will also be giving candidates an estimate of the amount of time that they will be at the interview venue. When you send an email to invite candidates to an interview, including details like this in the interview schedule template helps them to manage their time better.





You can mention that candidates need to bring the following documents for a job interview process and simply list the documents you want the applicant to bring with them.



Point of Contact

You can provide a point of contact to the applicants when you make your interview schedule email template to invite the candidates for the interview. This way, you are making sure that they follow the direction and will be present at the right time. This helps cut down on the time that candidates might spend making inquiries about where to report once they reach the venue.

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