SRHU upgraded to digitalized employee management with Pocket HRMS

Being a top private university with a holistic approach towards education and healthcare, Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU) has a wide variety of employees, working under different domains. Additionally, the stress created by 24/7 working of the healthcare facilities made it tough for the HR department to manage their staff effectively.


Since spreadsheets were being used, it was difficult to track the attendance, leaves, and other related information accurately. Similarly, shift management was also difficult due to the nature of the healthcare industry. Moreover, report generation was also a hassle as it required referring to multiple spreadsheets, which could be both time-consuming and error-prone work.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS developed a ‘Leave Workflow Engine’ to enable SRHU to streamline their administrative HR tasks, while also engaging their employees…

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