MDRC modernized their HR with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how MDRC modernized their HR with Pocket HRMS


Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. or MDRC is a pioneer in the field of pathology and imaging. Their expertise lies in serving their patients to diagnose diseases and help them take the necessary precautions on the onset. They have been active in the pathology industry for over three decades now and have been vested several distinguished awards for their efforts in bringing the latest technology to provide accurate and quick results that help their patients as well as the clinicians to diagnose diseases at an early stage and manage the illness in a better way.

MDRC is a fast-paced company that adopts the latest technologies to improve its quality of service and the same ethos was visible in the manner they adopted Pocket HRMS. Being a pioneer in their field meant that they needed to upgrade to a better way of managing the employees, from an HR’s perspective. Since MDRC has several branches all over India, maintaining statutory compliance manually was proving to be difficult due to the different payroll-related laws of individual states. Additionally, database management was also a concern for them since their employee database was growing rapidly. There were concerns regarding data duplicity and integrity owing to the limited capabilities of the manual workbooks. Accurate attendance and leave tracking were other issues that their HR department had to deal with on a daily basis.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS made a difference by removing their HR worries practically within a week, by using speedy deployment strategies to provide a comprehensive HRMS solution that would resolve all of the issues mentioned above…

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