Pocket HRMS helps Health 'N' U combine 'HR N Efficiency'

Read on to understand how Pocket HRMS helped Health ‘N’ U combine ‘HR N Efficiency’


Health ‘N’ U Therapeutics is a world-class provider of innovative medical products that strives to fulfil the existing therapeutic gaps by researching and developing drugs and other medical products. They have an impressive neuropsychiatry portfolio that offers innovative products for medical needs in migraine, neuropathy, epilepsy and vertigo spasticity depression. As is evident from their name, they strive for developing products that put ‘Health N U’ together.

Since the company’s establishment, spreadsheets used to be their go-to tool for record-keeping and undertaking major HR tasks. As their organization was still in its infancy, these manual methods were enough to meet their HR workload. However, with their steady growth, these methods proved demanding for HR. Repetitive calculations such as attendance, work-time, and payroll, started taking longer due to the added complexity of the workforce. The addition of newer departments also meant that new workbooks were created from existing ones and it was prone to human errors, while also being inefficient.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS combined HR ‘N’ Efficiency for Health ‘N’ U by automating most of their HR tasks and providing innovative employee engagement solutions…

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