SpeckyFox made their HR Futureproof with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how SpeckyFox made their HR futureproof with Pocket HRMS


SpeckyFox is a well-known name in the web and mobile apps development business. They also provide QA and testing services such as functional and automation testing, performance and load testing, security testing as well as several other kinds of testing services. They utilise the latest technologies to provide their clientele with the best experience and cost-effective solutions.

SpeckyFox were using spreadsheets initially. However, with the company’s steady growth, maintaining the employee database on workbooks was started becoming cumbersome. Due to their limited security and lack of data integrity, SpeckyFox started looking for better alternatives. Additionally, the formulae-based workbooks were required to be manually updated whenever there were any changes in the payroll-related laws. Hence, they were looking for an automated solution to efficiently manage the employees by lowering the burden on their HR department.

Download the case study to understand how SpeckyFox automated their HR department with the help of Pocket HRMS and drastically improved their employee engagement factor…

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