Walnut Advertising cracked HR productivity with Pocket HRMS

Walnut Advertising has been in the marketing industry for more than 3 decades, and their collective experience ensures that their deliverables are exceptionally result-oriented. They provide innovative marketing solutions across FMCG, retail and pharmaceutical sectors. Due to their staunch belief in the power of creative thinking, they have established themselves as one of the go-to names for advertising of well-known brands.


The major issues they faced before implementing a dedicated HRMS solution were leave and attendance tracking and related calculations. Hence, payroll processing was a daunting task for their team. Data integrity was another concern since multiple HRs would work on the same spreadsheet. The lack of dedicated training modules were another significant issue for them.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS helped resolve these issues and streamline the administrative process, leaving them with additional time to focus on their employee well-being and process management…

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