CEOMitra automated HR Department with Pocket HRMS

CEOMitra is an executive search consultancy firm focused on providing a strong consultative approach to the complete HR, Finance and Marketing services to MNCs. The main aim of CEOMitra is to help organizations create an ecosystem where the companies enjoy streamlined HR, Finance and market-related services. However, it was founded in India in 2018, expanding with partners across Europe and Asia by ensuring proximity to offering a Beyond the Ordinary Experience. 


CEOMitra used to manage their employees’ data with the help of spreadsheets initially. However, despite the spreadsheet being a long-lasting solution for employee data management, the lack of advanced features resulted in the requirement of an HRMS solution, which can handle error-free, efficient and comprehensive Human Resource Management. It leads to increased productivity and profitability, streamlines complex HR processes, automates repetitive tasks, enhances data accuracy, and provides real-time insights. Besides, CEOMitra can utilize the advanced features of an automated HR tool and the added data security and integrity capabilities.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS was able to quantify their requirements and suggest a customized version of our HRMS suite to help them take back control of their employee management system. 


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