Invicta eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Beats Payroll Blues with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how Invicta eSolutions beat payroll blues with Pocket HRMS


From their humble beginnings in 2015, Invicta eSolutions has carved a niche for itself in the ever-growing BPO sector. Established in Goa with a focus on back-office operations, it has transformed to become one of the quickest growing companies in the BPO service industry. With a robust focus and the determination to be the best in their domain, they are on the path towards success.

Along with the quick growth came the share of issues with the company quickly outgrowing its traditional tools which utilized spreadsheets to compute and store the data. They required a more robust software that could provide web-based functionalities as well as a centralized data repository hub that would eradicate data inconsistency and integrity errors forever. The lack of automation also meant that they had to manually calculate the employee salaries every pay cycle as well as be on top of the statutory compliances.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS suggested our cloud-based HRMS platform as the ideal solution for their different issues and helped them streamline their payroll management efficiently…

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