Carmel High School digitalized their HR Team with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how Carmel High School digitalized their HR Team with Pocket HRMS.


Carmel High School is a respected high school with a long history of 35 years of providing the best education to its pupils. From their humble beginnings in 1987, they have become an influential institution providing quality education. They believe in developing young minds and constantly motivate them to uncover their true potential and become good human beings.


Remembering the advanced Microsoft Excel formulae and managing the spreadsheets manually for every staff in the institution was a significant hurdle for the HRs. The spreadsheet-based accounting and tracking were working initially, but with the school’s steady growth, it became inefficient and time-consuming to manage the entire campus.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS helped solve all of these challenges and simplify the administrative process, giving them more time to focus on their student well-being and school growth…

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