Pocket HRMS Revolutionized Workforce Management at Girl Effect Enterprise India Pvt Ltd.

Girls Effect Enterprise Pvt Ltd. is a subsidiary of Girls Effect UK which is an international non-profit making company that aims to empower girl children. They have an extensive media presence and existence all across the globe which promotes the importance and necessity of empowering girl children.


They use the power of role models and storytelling through media and technology to unlock the power of girls. From chatbots to chat shows and TV drama they use every medium to highlight the importance of girl child advancement, education, and other awareness, Girl Effect’s content helps adolescent girls to make choices and changes in their lives, so every girl can choose what is right for their body, health, learning, and livelihood.


While on this path of growth, they realized that their existing traditional HR management methods were burdening. The major headache was payroll since it was undertaken with the help of manual spreadsheets. As a result, the HR and accounts team were required to burn the midnight oil to ensure that the payroll calculations as well as accompanying statutory compliances were taken care of accurately.


Additionally, they had to repeat this process for every payroll cycle, which was taking its toll on their morale. Moreover, the manual calculations of tedious tax percentages, payslip generations, and data maintenance made them consider a new HRMS platform.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS helped simplify all of these tasks which gave them more time to focus on their core objective and expand their reach further to contribute to the well-being of the society…

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