Pocket HRMS provides World-class HR Software for GIIS

Read on to understand how Pocket HRMS provided World-class HR Software for Global Indian International School.


Global Indian International School is a leading educational institution that imparts quality education to kids to help them achieve their potential. With branches all over the world, they offer a wide range of international and Indian curricula, which enables the students to choose the career path they wish, based on their inherent interests.


Being a truly global educational institution, GIIS previously used another robust payroll service provider to fulfil its payroll requirements. However, with the growing number and variation of staff members, their HR department was finding it difficult to manage their employees in other areas efficiently. Expense management and accurate attendance capture were significant challenges since manual paperwork was time-consuming and error-prone. Capturing accurate employee attendance was impossible with the manual ledgers, and collating the data for feeding the payroll software proved to be hectic every salary cycle.


Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS was able to provide an all-in-solution to resolve these challenges by streamlining all HR activities from recruitment to retirement of employees…

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