Video Interview Invitation Email

Download this video interview email template and ensure that the interview process flows seamlessly.



Hiring and recruitment are essential processes to increase and maintain the productivity of the company. The talent market is competitive as all firms want to make sure that they get top talent. Since the pandemic, video interviews have become an important part of the interview process.


You can make sure that you make the right impression through every contact you make with the candidate. The image they have of the company has an impact on their decision of whether they want to join the company or not.



What is a Video Interview Invitation Email?


An interview invitation email is about informing a candidate that you would like to invite them to an interview on the video call. If you are working with a completely remote model, video interviews are the permanent replacement for face-to-face interaction. And the invitation email gives applicants the necessary details about the interview process.



Why do You Need an Interview Invitation Email Template?


We no longer use paper communication every time we need to transfer information. Digitalization has given us faster and better options. Now, email is treated as formal communication, and it is likely to be the initial interaction with a candidate that also serves as the first impression of your company. Building the right image of the company through the interview invitation email template can be a great start.


Irrespective of the position, you would like to schedule a video interview with the candidate. The optimized email template can add positive points to your impression. You can send it to the applicants for different positions with a few easy modifications, and you do not need to compose a new one every time.



What Should be Included in the Interview Invitation Email to Candidates?


Listed below are a few things that a video interview invitation email template must have to make it impactful.


Subject Line


The subject line is the first part of your email that the candidate notices. Make it simple and clear, so they know you are inviting them to an interview.


Date and Time


Mention the date and time you want to schedule a video interview in your interview invitation email for the candidate.




Never forget to mention the title for the position that you are conducting interviews for, so candidates do not get confused.


Contact Point


If you will be the one coordinating with the applicant for the interview, mention your name. If the mode of communication is going to be different, give details about how to contact you to get further information they might need.


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