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Hiring a new candidate is often a lengthy process involving various tasks. There is a lot of coordination and effort involved. Communication between the company and the candidate is equally important. The interview invitation email is thus a significant step, as this is a representation of the organization, and it has to set the right impression.



What is an Interview Invitation Email?


The phone interview invitation email is a communication from the company to candidates, inviting them to phone interviews. Most organizations in the world now mostly have employees working from home or in remote locations, and that requires conducting interviews over the phone. The email invitation to candidates is sent to inform them that they have passed the initial screening and that the company is looking forward to interviewing them.



Why Should you Have a Phone Interview Invitation Email Template?


Emails serve as official communication, and the interview invitation email is a good way to let candidates know that you are looking forward to setting up a phone interview to talk to them. When this is communicated on email rather than a random text or a call, it can be available on their smartphones, and they can check the schedule for a phone interview several times if they would like to. How well-formatted an email is, has some part to play in their decision on whether they want to work for you. A careless email for an interview is not going to make a positive impression.



What Should be the Components of the Interview Email Template?


The email to invite a candidate to interview can be the first contact from your company with the applicant. The elements of your interview invitation email template have to give all the information that they need about the interview.


Many people find it difficult how to compose a good email. The following are the must-have components to the phone interview email to set up a primary impression right.


Subject Line

The subject line of the email template for a phone call to interview an applicant is very important. If you want to schedule a meeting on a call for the eligible candidate with your hiring manager, you need to make sure that the receiver opens it and for that, keep the subject line crisp and clear.


Date and Time

The date and time are essential when you want to set up a candidate interview. You can give candidates multiple options and let them know that you would love to set up a meeting on any of the given dates and times given in the interview invitation email. You would also like to set another date if required.



The email template should be aligned with the job description, the position, and the job title throughout the interview process. That way, you can make sure the applicant does not have any confusion during a phone interview about the job role.



In your email, mention your name and contact details, so candidates can reach you if they have any queries about the phone interview. You can add a line such as “Let me know if you have any doubts” encouraging them to reach out to you if necessary.


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