Payroll Software for Manufacturing Industry

Reinventing Payroll for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in any economy. We can’t deny the vital role it plays in revenue generation. It is one of the oldest sectors that play a crucial role in the development of the nation. It is not only the revenue that it brings in but also from the perspective of creating employment, it is the sector with massive potential. To get more production and revenue it is imperative that the organizations need to increase the workforce.

The more employees they have to work in the factory the more will be the manufactured product output. The “Make in India” campaign has fuelled a boost in the already growing manufacturing sector. We are witnessing a surge in the manufacturing industry all over India. There are more and more initiatives in a sector establishing new manufacturing ventures as well as expansion of the old ones. This boom in the production industry needs to be supported by the workforce.

Employees will help the manufacturing enterprises to achieve their goals. We are looking at expansion of the present workforce at every ambitious organization. This also asks for strengthening the human resources management to cater the needs of the sector. Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based software designed to take care of all the HR needs of the manufacturing industry effortlessly. The expansion of the workforce is no more a worry.

Pocket HRMS can do complicated and intensive HR functions like running a payroll seamlessly. It gives a flexibility to the manufacturing organizations with its easy to customize software and it is also easy to expand the capacity of the software as your firm grows. Pocket HRMS understand the needs of the manufacturing industry and provide support and efficiency with streamlined HR functions. That helps to boost the overall productivity of your employees.

HR Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Industry

Process volume of payroll data across different locations, unions and diverse payscales
Handling employee benefits taxes and insurance with the necessary efficiency
Painstaking human resource admin paperwork eats up a lot of time of the HR team
Calculating salary according to hours worked and the type of job assigned for employee

Get A One-stop Solution For All Your HR Hurdles

How Pocket HRMS Can Help

Payroll by hours worked

Labour law compliance

Automated shift timing tracking

Correct taxes, benefits and insurance

Payroll for different payscales

The manufacturing industry always has to be conscious of the labour laws so they don’t get into unnecessary troubles. The human resource management needs to do the payroll accordingly. With increasing globalization and it becoming part of norms these days, the manufacturing industry is going through a massive transformation. It has triggered a whole new set of human resource challenges to face.

This requires more innovative technology to deal with it effortlessly. Our cloud-based software Pocket HRMS helps the manufacturing industry to navigate through it with ease. The HRMS system is tailored to tackle the needs and challenges in the manufacturing industry. It can seamlessly run the payroll for multi-state, multi-union and multi-payscale situations. This makes your HR empowered in a role.

Pocket HRMS software helps manufacturing businesses to streamline their productivity in the industry by optimizing as well as automating critical payroll and HR functions. With our cloud-based HRMS software, manufacturing companies can focus better on revenue generation and strategic processes. Pocket HRMS presents them with more productive time with better assistance for the manufacturing industry. Take a look at best payroll software for recruitment agencies

Creating smHRt Experiences

– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“We have been using Pocket HRMS for over a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”

-Nishant Mahajan
Manager HR, EvolveBack

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”

– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz Software

“Data monitoring and HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS which is the future of the HR industry”

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