Best-in-Class Payroll Software for Manufacturing Industry

Experience new-age Payroll software for Manufacturing Sector with Precise Overtime Calculations and Accurate Attendance

Get rid of spreadsheets, streamline your complex HR processes and generate real-time reports on-the-go.

Pocket HRMS is the perfect solution for customized HR & Payroll Processing for Manufacturing Companies in India

Key Features of our HR Software for Manufacturing Industry

smHRt Shifts

Large Database Management

Automated Custom Payroll

24x7 Remote App Access

Real-time Insights
& Analytics

Tailored Attendance System geared towards Manufacturing Industry

An advanced attendance and payroll system with modifiable multi-shift management and employee roster creation functions, geared towards the manufacturing sector, with:

Variable Leave Credits

Annual, quarterly, or monthly leave credits for improved flexibility

Compensatory Offs

Custom compensatory off facility with adjustable lapse duration

Overtime Computation

Overtime calculations based on manager approvals

Biometrics Integration

Simplified integration with existing biometric hardware

Subham tanks and Liners automated their complex attendance & recruitment processes with Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS ends HRMS woes for Goel Steel, it is a leading manufacturer and supplier of machine tools

Bulk Employee Management with Background Processing

Ideal solution for managing huge number of blue-collar employees with innovative features like:


Bulk upload of employee details with the help of spreadsheets


Comprehensive salary master for uploading payroll details


Quickly managing employee details with dedicated profile view


Improved efficiency with bulk payroll processing in the background


Dedicated Permissions Section specially developed for Manufacturing Units

Streamline and organize your worker’s permissions for absence from the company with real-time dashboard and:


✓  Special ‘Permission’ section developed for the manufacturing industry


Enhanced attendance with ‘leave permissions’ for hourly leaves


Salary calculations based on permissions and hourly leaves taken


Incentives based on precise attendance and performance data

Greenglobe automated most of its HR operations & improved efficiency with Pocket HRMS.

Pocket HRMS helped PTPL Tubing to resolve their HR challenges by integrating Sage 300 ERP with their HRMS suite

Take Care of Compliance, Automatically

Avoid manually verifying statutory compliances as the software takes care of all regulatory compliances by:


Ensuring your data and processes are compliant with the regulations


Staying updated with the latest regulatory changes as it is a cloud-based system


Providing 100% compliant employee data with industry standards and practices.

Ess portal mobile app

Experience this Amazing Payroll Software for

Performance Appraisal System in Manufacturing Sector

✓ 24/7 Remote Access

Access your data from anywhere anytime using any connected device


✓ Advanced Security

256-bit encryption for secure data transfer over the internet


✓ Secure Credentials

Secure credentials-based usage with ESS Portal access control


✓ Zero Hardware Costs

Avoid costly hardware and stay updated with the cloud architecture


✓ Cloud Processing Power

Process large data quickly with the processing power of the cloud


✓ Automatic Update

Stay up to date with the latest statutory changes and new features

Learn Strategies to overcome Performance Management Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Pocket HRMS offers customized solutions for manufacturing companies to tackle their attendance tracking issue.

Insightful Data Collection with Customizable Reporting

Comprehensive custom reporting module ensures that your staff data remains insightful and actionable with the use of:


Individual parameters option for reporting


Custom dates for MIS reports


Handy templates for quicker custom report generation


Customizable real-time dashboards


Downloadable reports in Excel format


Single page view of the team’s monthly attendance or an employee’s yearly attendance

Best Payroll Software for Manufacturing Industry

Salary for the manufacturing sector with specialized sections such as:


Uniform Allowance


Safety Allowance


Tools Allowance


Transport Allowance


First-aid Allowance


Industry-specific Allowance

HRMS Software for Wide Range of Manufacturing Industries

Highly flexible HRMS software that can easily cater to any of the following manufacturing industries. Pocket HRMS also provide payroll software for BFSI Sector.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)


Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)


Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)


Discrete Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturers


Textile Manufacturers


Chemical Development


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and more

Resources for Manufacturing Companies

HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry and Solutions

Here is the list of HR challenges in the manufacturing industry and the possible solutions for the specific industry.

Employee Engagement Activities in Manufacturing Industry

Let’s see a few employee engagement activities that will help the manufacturing industry to get more engaged employees.

Top Human Resource Trends In The Manufacturing Industry

Have a look at some of the latest top HR trends in the manufacturing sector that can impact and support its growth.

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Employees in the manufacturing sector are required to undertake manual work, and hence, keeping them motivated and engaged is a significant challenge for the HR department. Hence, we have curated the following tactics that the HR team can implement to keep them engaged and productive:


  • Treat your employees with respect

  • Reward and recognize your employees

  • Have an approachable HR team

  • Build a safe and secure environment

  • Provide flexible working hours if possible

  • Develop an engaging onboarding experience

  • Help them realize their value for the company

  • Ensure that the managers ‘connect’ with them

  • Encourage innovation and creativity

  • Undertake fair performance management

  • Provide anonymous feedback options.

The manufacturing industry is one of the most critical sectors in India as it is essential in driving the nation forward. However, some significant challenges in this sector need to be resolved soon to make the journey smoother.


Some of the significant HR challenges in the manufacturing industry are:

    • Shortage of talented workforce


    • High rate of attrition


    • Ineffective performance evaluations


    • Build a safe and secure environment


    • Lack of adequate training


    • Inadequate employee safety


    • Communication barriers


    • Employee burnout


Choosing the ideal HRMS and payroll solution to assist your HR department’s daily activities is one of the most daunting tasks as it needs to support the wide variety of tasks they handle. Hence, let us provide you with a simplified checklist that would help in choosing the right one for your company:


  • Is the HR software intuitive and easy to use?

  • Is the solution customizable as per your needs?

  • Is the software scalable according to your growing requirements?

  • Do they offer support options, and if so, are they compatible with your needs?

  • Is the cost negotiable per the modules, and are there any hidden charges?

  • Does the solution provide standard reporting templates as well as custom reporting options?

  • Can the software be integrated with other standard software, and if yes, how relevant are the existing ones?

The exponential growth of the manufacturing industry has increased the relevance of human resources, as this sector requires a massive number of employees. As a result, HR and payroll system has become an integral part of the HR department.


It helps automate the clerical tasks of HR and improve their efficiency. It also helps them make data-driven decisions that increase their organizational effectiveness. As a result, HR is left with additional time, which can be utilized for formulating employee engagement activities.


Pocket HRMS is software that enables you to undertake all these tasks with utmost efficiency and accuracy.


The HRM systems enable the HR team to manage employee payroll and related benefits better, provide accurate on-time salaries, schedule different shifts and leaves, easy permission access, and more. As a result, all these processes can either be streamlined or fully automated, improving the HR team’s overall efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.


Additionally, HR gains valuable insights into the employee data, which helps them strategize employee engagement tactics to reduce attrition by keeping the employees engaged.


The data from HRMS systems can also be used to change company policies and structures to align them from the employee’s perspective better.


There are multiple benefits of automating the payroll of a manufacturing company using dedicated payroll software. The most important advantage is that it saves the time and cost required for processing payroll and its disbursement.


Deploying payroll software also helps maintain accurate employee data and avoid manual errors. Additionally, the payroll data is kept in a secure database with user access control. It also helps efficiently manage the payroll data of many employees, which is especially common in the manufacturing sector.


When it comes to the manufacturing sector, various labor welfare laws need to be adhered to. Additionally, there are several varieties of manufacturing industries that have different regulations. A dedicated HRMS has all these regulatory compliances programmed into it to ensure 100% compliance with it.


Deploying a cloud-based HRMS also removes the need to constantly remain updated with the latest labor and wages laws changes as the software is updated by the vendor. It helps save the time lost manually updating the software installed on the client systems.


A robust HR payroll system would have multiple options for shift scheduling, such as setting round-the-clock shifts, changing the shift as per company requirements, setting custom week offs, providing compensatory offs, defining custom overtime, and setting late-coming rules and more.


Once the system is set up, you need to make changes only if there is any difference from the standard timings of employee shifts. It also helps shift scheduling by providing up-to-date information on leaves and employees in the factory at any time.


Deploying HR and payroll software is a massive step for any company as it is required to aid the HR department in undertaking vital tasks like employee payroll management, attendance management, and overall employee management.


Hence, it is essential to ensure that you overcome the following challenges when implementing an HRMS for your manufacturing company:

    • Poor requirements analysis


    • Ineffective collaboration


    • Lack of quality checks


    • Inadequate documentation


    • Underestimating budget


    • Data migration issues


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