Payroll Software for BFSI Sector in India

New Age Payroll Software for BFSI Leaders in India

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance is an important industry for the economy. It is often coined as the backbone of a country’s growth and economy. This is most organized and streamlined as the industry demands. This ensures the streamlined workflow of operations. The sector is also very competitive and has intense pressure to provide the best possible customer service to stay ahead in the competition.

There has been turmoil in the global economy recently. This turbulence has resulted in changes within the BFSI sector. That brought in new stringent regulations in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry. There is now increased stress while dealing with regulations and security measures. There has to be a better and improved system for security concerns and risk management in this industry.

The BFSI has to be prompt at both customer services and dealing with the regulations. The mistakes or failure to keep up with the legal compliance towards employees may lead to penalties that can happen to be costly for the organization. Dealing with all these regulations and guidelines by old school manual approach can be very tedious. The more data is there to handle the more it is prone to manual and data entry errors.

To attain goals in the competition, the BFSI industry must have a robust and proficient workforce. Thereby, human resource management has to be top-notch to support the efforts and operations of the workforce. Our cloud-based Pocket HRMS software for BFSI sectors helps to streamline the critical human resource functions paving way for efficient human resource capital management for improved productivity.

HR Challenges Faced by BFSI Industry

Keeping up with the HR compliance related to the employee can be tiresome

Problems in data management due to lack of centralized employee database

Challenges BFSI-02

Issues in tracking and maintaining accurate employee data in the organization

Complications in managing benefits, increments, compensation and bonus

Get A One-stop Solution For All Your HR Hurdles

How Pocket HRMS Can Help

Automated compliance management

Automated compliance management

Centralized employee database

Accurate tax computation

Automated salary, benefits calculations

Performance Monitoring

Hassle-free performance management

It is no more a difficult task to manage employee performance and identify the positive behaviour in the employees. Our HRMS software can help you to effortlessly identify the desired behaviour towards your goals. It is important to have a proper employee performance management system that can enhance the overall output for the organization. Pocket HRMS for the BFSI sector makes this job easy for you.


Pocket HRMS payroll system addresses the diverse requirements of the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors. It can be further customized to accommodate any special requirements. The human resource management system eases the job of the HR team by streamlining the HR functions. This makes the processes flow faster saving a lot of time from tedious processes and gives improved efficiency for the functions at the same time.


Pocket HRMS provides a centralized employee database and easy access as it is a cloud-based technology. The software provides automation for most of the HR functions that can be very tedious and require precision. The human resource management system also provides an ESS portal to the workforce. That takes care of all their mundane human resources needs efficiently and frees productive time to focus on organizational goals. Get details about our important feature payroll software for recruitment.

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– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“We have been using Pocket HRMS for over a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”

-Nishant Mahajan
Manager HR, EvolveBack

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”

– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz Software

“Data monitoring and HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS which is the future of the HR industry”

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