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An interview is an important part of the recruitment process. We need a systematic process for a successful interview process, as most interviews are now being conducted on a phone call. While looking for an opportunity, candidates apply for multiple openings. It might not be possible for them to keep track of their status for all their applications. The hiring manager or human resources personnel should make sure that they do not lose the top talent in the market.


Once you shortlist the candidates, you need to send an interview confirmation email to them and thank them. Your email gives them clarity about where they are in your interview process.



What is an Interview Confirmation Email?


An interview confirmation email acts as an invitation to interview for the position. Here you let the shortlisted candidate know that they have successfully passed your screening round.  Moreover, with your interview confirmation, you want them to be prepared for an interview that will be organized at a particular date and time. To confirm an interview with you for the opportunity, you also need to inform them if there are some details that they need to provide or how to respond to the invitation to interview.



What should be included in an interview request?


When candidates apply for a job, they often look forward to getting a response from the company. An interview is a critical step in the selection process. Here, both the applicant and the hiring manager look forward to meeting with one another. Now that we do our interviews on the phone, it saves candidates commuting time to an interview venue. They still have to do preparation for the interview, whether it be brushing their knowledge or getting the right tools and set up for the interview. So make sure that you have included the following information and necessary instructions in the email to the candidates.



Subject Line:


The subject line is what we look at to decide if we want to open an email or not. If you are not clear enough in the subject line, the candidate might delete your email before they read it. So be very sure to mention that your email is to confirm the interview for the opportunity to work for a company they have shown an interest in.



The Job Title:


It often happens that the company is hiring for multiple positions, but when candidates receive an email for the interview, they will just assume that it is for the position they applied for, while the opportunity you are offering is a different one.


That is why it is crucial to clearly mention the title for the position, that the interview is being arranged. This helps candidates to confirm the interview for the opportunity they are interested in. Mix-ups or confusion here means wasting time on the wrong candidate. This can also spoil the company’s image.



Time and date:


Date and time are essential for any type of appointment. Most of the employees are working remotely now, and they are likely to be working full time while they are looking forward to an interview with your company. If you have clearly mentioned the estimated time and date, it will be helpful for them to schedule their time accordingly.



Point of Contact:


Candidates may have some problems attending the interview at the time you have mentioned in the email. In such cases, they would like to contact you to reschedule their interview. You can give your name and contact information or that of the hiring manager in your interview request.



The Details:


Different organizations have their own systems for conducting interviews. You can give them the details about the nature of the interview, so they can be prepared accordingly. If there is something that you have scheduled along with the interview, such as a technical assessment, or there is the possibility that if they qualify, you can carry on the other hiring rounds on the same day of the interview, you should let them know that.


When you mention possibilities that might take more time than just an interview, candidates can make prior arrangements to free up that time. Moreover, you can close the hiring process faster. Furthermore, it helps them to show up for the interview with a positive attitude.





As stated above, every company have their own system for the hiring process. Even if it’s a phone interview, you may want candidates to upload some of their experience and qualification-related documents during this interview round.


If you abruptly inform about such requirements to candidates in a live interview, they might get confused on how to respond. This might cause you to lose top talent because they consider your company unorganized. Hence, make sure to mention any requirement for document submission and directions on how to and where candidates can upload these to set the right impression. Moreover, it is convenient for the company as there will not be any delay for interview or document submission.


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