Pocket HRMS helps TESSOL revolutionize their HR department

Read on to understand how Pocket HRMS helped TESSOL revolutionize their HR department


Thermal Energy Service Solutions or TESSOL is in the business of providing cold chain logistics and thermal storage technology for industrial cooling applications. They provide eco-friendly, sustainable storage and transport solutions, especially for temperature-sensitive products. They are striving to reduce the cost of last-mile cold chain logistics and make it accessible and feasible for everyone.

TESSOL had been looking for an efficient automation alternative to their manual methods, to streamline employee management. Since they were using workbooks, there were multiple concerns such as data security, limited access, missing centralized dashboards, data integrity, etc. Due to the nature of their business, time was of the essence and hence, efficiency was a significant aspect required by them. Due to the remote workforce, they also needed a tool that was able to remove the location, device and time constraints. Along with all of these requirements, TESSOL also wanted to keep their employees engaged with the company.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS was able to address all of these challenges and provide an automated solution that was able to improve their efficiency and improve employee engagement, thereby revolutionizing their HR…

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