One Way Cab Sets on Paperless HR Ride with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how One Way Cabs set on a paperless HR ride with Pocket HRMS

One Way CabOne Way Cabs is a very successful intercity cab service provider in multiple cities in India. They provide cab facilities in more than 36 Indian cities, where they cover over 400 routes and are trusted by more than 50,000 travellers daily.

Before partnering with Pocket HRMS, they were using a standalone payroll manager which required them to enter their data manually. They used to spend hours in data entry, which was proving cumbersome due to the steady growth of the company. Similarly, attendance was also done manually with the help of emails, which were susceptible to data duplication and integrity errors. Additionally, manual payroll entry also meant that statutory compliances had to be taken care of manually, wherein the chance of human errors were more.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS put their HR in top gear and ensured a smooth ride for One Way Cabs…

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