Selvel Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Powers up its HR Dept. with Pocket HRMS

Read on to understand how Selvel Advertising powered up its HR department with Pocket HRMS

selvelSelvel Advertising or Selvel One is a leading outdoor media and advertising company, that caters to a wide variety of businesses in the Indian subcontinent. They have coverage in 23 cities with over 2500 sites across the nation as well as a broad range of operations in the North-Eastern states. They have also pioneered several technological advancements in the advertising industry since their inception in the 1950s.

Being in the advertising industry, Selvel is an early adopter of the latest technology. In fact, they even had multiple software tools at their disposal handling the different aspects of HR tasks such as payroll management, leaves and attendance, recruitment, etc. However, it led to a unique issue with these systems being standalone and lacking the ability to interact with each other. Since most of the staff report to work remotely, they required a solution that could communicate with the other modules and work as a single entity.

Download the case study to understand how Pocket HRMS was able to resolve Selvel One’s payroll woes by providing a comprehensive HR suite…

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