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Employee Helpdesk Software Employee Helpdesk Software​​

Streamline Employee Internal Help Desk
with Self-Service Portal

Intuitive Dashboard​

Intuitive Dashboard

An in-depth overview of the helpdesk with an advanced dashboard, providing an easy-to-use view of all relevant information.

Priority-based Tickets

Ticket priority setting while raising tickets for letting the agent understand the urgency in resolving it.

Rich-text Tickets Creation

Rich-text editing for simplified yet accurate information transfer while raising tickets with your internal customer service teams.

What is the Help Desk Software for Employees?

The employee help desk software manages issues faced by your employees by letting them register tickets and updating the resolution status. With the help desk solution you can also expedite the resolution of any problems faced by the staff in your business and streamline the process of informing the agents about these issues. It can also enhance your support by providing your internal employees with a knowledge base and a dedicated service desk.

Ticket Archive

Archive older tickets for better ticket management and reducing clutter in the internal operations.

Ticket Replies

Ticket reply option to provide resolution and gather more information about the relevant issue.

Attachment Download

Option to attach files while raising a ticket, which can be downloaded by the agent for further inspection.

Ticket Replies​
User Reviews​

Helpdesk Timeline

A timeline view of tickets with direct link for ticket resolution ensuring quicker ticket management.

Tag-based Ticketing

Tag-based ticket categorization for understanding problem-prone areas and optimizing them for better customer support teams.

User Reviews

User review option for encouraging your support teams to provide satisfactory quick ticket resolution for your staff.

Ess portal mobile app

Employee Help Desk Software that provides Timely Resolutions with User Ratings

Enhanced Ticketing System for Faster Internal Support

Ticket Forwards

Forward tickets to other agents for better management and increased efficiency of the employee helpdesk.

Automated Responses

Response templates for quicker ticket replies, leading to increased efficiency of the ticketing system.

Ticket List Filter

Filter ticket list according to your search intent for quicker searching and sorting of the ticket list.

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Customizable Reports for In-depth Valuable Trends & Insights

Ticket Reporting​

Ticket Reporting

In-depth customizable reporting for employee tickets for gathering valuable insights into employee issues and their resolutions.

Ticket List Filter​

Enhanced Filters

Advanced report filters with date, status, priority, tags, and more for fine-tuning report downloads.

HR Report​

HR Report

HR reports for gathering insightful data about employee issues and their resolution, throughout the company.

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Pocket HRMS integrates Whatsapp for Employees

Pocket HRMS integrates Whatsapp for Employees

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The employee help desk provides your employees with a dedicated team to hear out their issues and address them effectively. The employee help desk is responsible in companies documenting employee grievances in the form of a ‘ticket’, assigning the ticket to the responsible agent, and following through the process of resolving the issue and closing the ticket after intimating the affected employee.


Having an effective employee help desk ensures that your employees’ issues are resolved on time and that the company is addressing their issues. It helps in improving their engagement with your company as well as increases their overall satisfaction levels with their organization. For example, if your internal IT department can communicate and resolve their issues remotely, your employees can undertake their tasks quickly, for increased productivity.

The employee help desk management software helps in automating the tasks associated with maintaining an employee help desk. With this software you can undertake a number of activities:


  • Raising tickets and sorting them into the correct categories

  • Assigning tickets to the relevant team

  • Updating the ticket status

  • Provide a knowledge base

  • Informing the employee about the ticket status

  • Live chat with the employee in case of doubts

  • Updating the tickets as per work done, and more.


The software is also responsible for keeping track of the existing tickets and ensuring that they are closed on time with the help of timely notifications. Additionally, it also helps generate various kinds of reports to provide the management with in-depth insights into the issues faced by the staff and the measures taken to resolve them.

An internal help desk software provides several features related to the management of employee issues with the help of effective ticket management. Some of the salient features of this software include:

1. Enhanced Ticketing Automation

The help desk software should provide internal ticketing automation for a streamlined experience while submitting tickets and checking the updates through the self service portal.

2. Ticket Tracking and Overall Management

The internal help desk system should also provide options to track the tickets as well as update other details, such as the priority, status, etc.

3. In-depth Insights & Custom Reporting

It should also have the option to generate customized reports and provide the management with in-depth insights for data-backed decisions.

4. Customizable Dashboards

It should also have tailored dashboards which can be further customized by the user at their convenience.

5. Software Integrations

The internal help desk software should also integrate with other systems to provide a seamless experience to the employees, the management and the HR team.

An internal ticketing system for an internal help desk provides multiple benefits for the internal support and HR team, such as:


1. Increased Flexibility

The system provides enhanced flexibility for storing employee ticket information since it can be accessed remotely for live chat with your team. Such flexibility enhances the employee’s trust in their company and its internal operations.


2. Improved Engagement

Since the tickets are closed on time with the help of internal help desk software, employees can observe their company resolving their issues, reassuring them of their value in the organization and improving their engagement.


3. Reduced Resolution Time

Since the system streamlines the process of managing tickets, the associated agents would want to close the tickets assigned to them as fast as possible, resulting in reduced resolution time.


4. Enhanced Employee Service

With the help of internal help desk software, you can service their tickets satisfactorily. It helps enhance the overall employee servicing of the company, improving the employer brand.


5. Centralized Reporting

The internal help desk software system also results in centralized reporting as it serves as a repository for employee ticket data. Hence, you can gather in-depth analytical data from it, leading to data-backed decisions.

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